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Munkaalapú képzések európai gyakorlata
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main profile of our school is to provide qualifications in the catering industry field. The institution has been taking part in EU project for over ten years and over the fulfilment of the projects, the students involved succeeded in carrying out internships abroad, while the teachers did different courses. The student mobility performed meant a lot of professional and personal experiences since they could experience the European working culture, their key competences developed. The teacher trainings provided a great opportunity to improve vocational competences, foreign language skills and to become familiar with European culture.Seeing the success and positive effects of our previous projects we all know that there is a definite need for taking part in similar, new projects. Our goal with the application is to gain support for mobility to our students and teachers.For student mobility we put the implementation of internships on ECVET basis so that during internships the students can accomplish learning activities specified and arranged with the host partners beforehand. One of the aims is to provide opportunity to gifted students to improve their knowledge in foreign countries. In the future they will support Hungarian hospitality in the middle manager's layer. Our other goal is to support talented, disadvantaged students of programme „Bridge”. We would like to ensure them a hosting working area where they can have real work experience.For the VET teachers and management's colleagues we would like to apply for a study visit project. In the program the participants can have the opportunity to study best practices in the field of work based education. In the present application we intend to collaborate with three foreign institutions and we plan internships in Finland, Italy and Portugal on the offchance of the acquisition and discovery of new gastronomy and European culture. We plan mobility to Italy and Portugal for 4-8 weeks with groups of 4 cook, waiter and catering students respectively. The partner in Portugal organizes a one-week „job shadowing” programme for VET teachers as well. The program consists of visiting VET institutions to emphasize the importance of work based learning and teaching process. The Finnish partner will host 4 disadvantaged students of programme "Bridge".All three partners have a great experience in fulfilment mobility projects, internships and teacher trainings. The successful projects accomplished jointly with the institutions earlier guarantee the effective fulfilment of the present application as well.We did prepare this project with great care and attention so that the implementation of it is to work like clockwork and to be instructive. Together with the host institutions’ project co-ordinators we jointly planned all the organized activities for the period of the students’ stay abroad and specified the training places of work as well as appointed the tutors giving helpdesk from the back.With VET instructors, trainers, language teachers being involved; we assign the project management team that is in charge of preparing, arranging, closing and spreading the project. The management plan contains the main stages of the project and their details, deadlines, the people responsible.Before going abroad, we put focus on preparation to ensure the fluent and meaningful fulfilment of the project. The preparing process is multi-phased, consisting of foreign language, vocational, cultural, psychological and organizational elements. We defined it in detail in how many lessons, what kind of occupations and how we prepare those travelling abroad.Each group going abroad on internship will have an accompanying teacher giving help with the solution of communicational and other problems that may crop up. The accompanying teacher will keep in touch with the foreign tutors, the students responsible at the workplaces and the project co-ordinators at home. Participants of the teacher mobility have a common and individual preparation. The outcome of the preparation is a presentation to introduce the group abroad.What we expect from the realisation of the project beyond the acquisition of the new technical knowledge is that the favoured students experience the responsibility of self-reliance which strengthens their motivation and the continuation of the independent learning and self-education. This personality developing process yields ethical and pedagogical profit for the school because we may meet students motivated in self-evaluation and the shaping of social contacts.In a longer run the success of the project to the society means that our favoured students become upwardly mobile specialists with innovative, European thinking, being able to shape their destiny consciously and improve independently and finishing the school they can enter from the education world into the world of work seamlessly.
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