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Mundicultural turn multicultural in Länsimäki through English and ICT skills
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

At Länsimäki Comprehensive School our teacher in-service training aims at improving the fields of communication between school and homes, increasing the versatile use of ICT as teaching tool and enhancing the pedagogy of linguistic and ethnic groups. Communication between school and homes demands a strong command of English language as more and more students have immigrant background and their mother tongue is not Finnish. Most parents however have a working knowledge of English which has become the language of communication. A fluent command of grammar and vocabulary are tools for teachers when communicating with these homes. Our body of teachers need encouragement and updating in their linguistic skills in order to facilitate everyday communication in English. Our aim is to also find to tools for routines and means of multicultural interaction through Erasmus courses. In the new 2016 national curriculum phenomenon-based learning (interdisciplinary learning) plays an integral role which will demand a wide perspective on how to create versatile lessons through different learning tools and by regrouping students. One of our tools will be ICT which is the city of Vantaa's main investment project. Teachers are obligated to use ICT and their knowledge on the subject needs to be updated. Also, most of the ready-made material (and apps) are in English only and a good command of English is needed in order to fully incorporate versatile ideas in how to follow through with computer-aided teaching, especially when creating lessons for immigrant or ethnic groups of various linguistic backgrounds. Through this project our school aims at dispersing the knowledge on ICT and English communication skills gained with the whole body of teachers in teams and meetings. The new ideas will be tested in different student groups and the idea is to create new working routines and operational modes for everyday work. We are prepared to set aside time for exchanging ideas and experiences, and the ultimate goal is to disperse the new practices gained through courses throughout the entire student body for everybody's benefit. Our school has a strong background working with students from different linguistic and ethnic backgrounds. Through this project the teachers of our school can also share the knowledge with other participants of courses and they can enlighten participants about our school's existing ICT practices and pedagogy for linguistic and ethnic groups. We are looking for a scholarship for 10 teachers who would participate in courses in Europe. The goals are to update and improve English skills, improve computer-aided teaching skills and to get to know routines and practices used in other countries with students from different linguistic and ethnic backgrounds. In order to evaluate the results of the courses and the new skills acquired, all teachers who have participated in these courses will give feedback on the courses' effect on teaching methods and practices when school's annual report is handed in. This feedback will enable the school to improve our teachers in-service training future.

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