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Multiple-valued applications of negative-differential resistance devices in asynchronous circuits design (RESPONS)
Start date: Sep 1, 2007, End date: Aug 31, 2010 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project targets the post-CMOS era technologies. It focuses on the digital logic applications of negative-differential resistance (NDR) semiconductor nano-devices.NDR property appears in nano-meter scale devices due to quantum resonant tunnelling or Coulomb blockade effects and inherently introduces strong binary and multiple-valued processing capacities of the devices like resonant-tunnelling diodes (RTD), single-electron transistors (SET), carbon nanotubes (CNT).Due to technological reasons multiple-valued logic has not yet found its way to the mainstream. However, there are applications in which it may boost the computational capabilities of the digital circuitry. Among others, a very interesting domain is an asynchronous circuit design where it is well known that ternary logic enables delay-insensitivity, a property that has been long quested for and traded off in the binary domain.Thus in our project we are building a new methodology for the nano-electronic circuits design that merges the capabilities of these two in order to provide high-speed and compact delay-insensitive asynchronous circuits. We complement NDRs with the ternary so-called NULL-Convention Logic (NCL), since we observe a lot of synergies between them to be exploited.The blend is designed to make both capitalise on the approach. For NCL we expect compact and high-speed circuitry, for NDR we expect new possibilities in the power management and optimisation. These goals engage research in a variety of topics from devices technology through logic design to the design automation and optimisation.The success of the project allows for the applications in many domains: from high performance computing, where quantum nano-devices provide high-frequency switching and asynchronous design provides average instead of worst case performance; to battery-efficient autonomous and embedded systems where the merge provides an un-paralleled level subtlety in power management and optimisation.

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