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Multinational Undergraduate Team Work
Start date: Oct 1, 2009,

Modern economy is highly dependent on technology requiring engineers to excel in collaborative and communication skills at an international setting. But these competences are not addressed in most engineering curricula. There is a general absence of an international context across engineering curricula.Thus, developing working habits at an international setting as early as possible may be a very valuable experience to students. Leading future engineers at an early stage of their higher education to be involved in an international project where they will need to interact and communicate at distance with their team mates and work together to fulfil a common target, will for sure be challenging and enriching. We believe a curricular course unit involving students from different countries, collaborating to complete projects that generate relevant outputs to community, might improve both students’ enthusiasm and their teamwork and communication skills bringing an international dimension to their curricula. MUTW project intends to design a methodology and to evaluate the benefits of such a course unit on students’ skills as required by modern society. The results achieved by the project will guide us setting up a curricular course unit on the MUTW spirit. The main output to be delivered is a methodology to manage curricular project assignments to be developed by international teams of students. This will be the guide to support the establishment of permanent MUTW courses in engineering curricula. We envisage a significant impact at improving students’ communication and team work skills, increasing students’ motivation and making learning more attractive, making European higher education more visible and attractive, improving awareness of international multicultural projects, improving the quality and increasing the volume of multilateral cooperation between HEI in Europe, promoting both the European spirit and mobility and an European dimension in higher education.
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