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Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Aug 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Through the Europe 2020 strategy, the European Union plans to support young people better and to enable them to fully develop their talents to their own as well as to their economy's and society's benefit. One of the main obstacles to the full achievement of this ambitious objective is the persistent high rate of youngsters leaving school before having completed their compulsory learning pathway and before having achieved a certification that guarantee to them to be competitive within the job market. The project partners have identify 4 main needs: - better comprehension and knowledge of the most innovative softwares and technical solutions available onto the market to be used for developing educational contents - identify and evaluate the Videogames available onto the market with an educational and training potential - Need of teachers to acquire the skills to make full use of advanced interactive and multimedia solutions for educational purposes -Need of teacher to find new ways for motivating students using the tools that students use everyday. To answer to these 4 main needs the 'Multimedia Games for inclusion' project intends to create a synergic effort among Euroepan Schools to explore how a correct and effective use of multimedia games can ensure the students inclusion. The aim of 'Multimedia games for inclusion" project is to is to promote the application of innovative strategies and solutions to education, making an effective use of videogames as teaching and learning tools for promoting students interest and active participation to school activities and combating dropout The Specific Objectives of the Project will be: •To bridge the gap the gap between traditional teaching and approaches and new communication techniques towards Young students and teachers making teachers able to deal with the new languages in use in order to promote and enhance the involvement of students into the educational systems. • To provide teachers with the skills and tools to use innovative and interactive educational and training materials, based on the best technical solutions and contents availble onto the market. • To explote Videogames and multimedia for making education and training contents and methodologies more attractive as based on the technologies that are widespread used by sutdents for entertainment and socialising. • To enhance the participation to educational initiatives of groups at risk of exclusion by developing educational and training contents and approaches based on the universal language of Videogames and Multimedia, that are often one of the only interest of students. Target group • Teachers working in secondary schools • Students in secondary school principally in risk of dropout Activities. Activity 1: Research on Technical Solutions Activity 2 Creation of a transnational network Activity 3 Testing and experimenting Activity 4 Evaluation of the project results Results The results of the project will be: • Database of videogames identifying their educational potential. • Database of the selected multimedia materials identifying their educational. • On line Tutorial, addressed to teachers, on the application of multimedia solutions and games to education. This tutorial will explain how to make the most effective use of the selected tools included in the database for teaching and learning purposes and how to use apply in lessons the new methodology. .Workshops with teachers based on focusing on the exploitation of the educational potential of Multimedia and Videogames using the online tutorial, the videogames and multimedia materials selected • Report of each partner country about the use of multimedia and serious games in lessons highlighting points of strength and weaknesses. .Project Website and portal to be used as a communication platform by the project partners to share information about the achievements and work in progress of the project and for dissemination of the project results The intangible results of the project will be the creation of a transnational network of schools and teachers all involved in a cooperative effort addressed to prevent ESL of the students more exposed to the risk of dropping out of school and being excluded from the school community through: - Using games , non formal approaches and initiatives to motivate students and to enhance their integration in the school community Short term Impact 200 students 100 teachers 5 Local public authorities The long term impact will be at least double Sustainability will be based on: • Active involvement of a wide number of beneficiaries. •Maintenance of the project web site active, by the project promoter, for a period of at least ten years after the end of the project funding period, the project deliverables will continue to be expanded and used. •Linking of the project web site to other relevant web sites in the field of education •Involvement of key decision makers in the field of education and social inclusion
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