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Multiliteracy virtual
Start date: Jan 1, 2011,

The two major changes in our society emphasized by the scholars-members of the New London Group (1996: 64), are the rapid change of new communications media and the steady growth of cultural and linguistc diversity. These changes force us, as educators, to rethink literacy learning and teaching in the sense of a pedagogy of multiliteracies. Against this background the work with multilingual talking books, which are books that are made on the computer and used on screen, may be the key to a first concrete realization of this so far rather theoretical concept. The first purpose of the project is the development of a computer software which puts the multiliterate notion into practice as it integrates the promotion of multiple languages, builds on students prior knowledge, fosters self-regulated and therefore life-long learning processes and aims at the negotiation of identities. In cooperation with the Oldenbourg Publishing House, teachers and reasearchers in the field of foreign, second and first language learning from Germany, Turkey, Russia and Spain will develop stories in different languages, which will be enriched with tasks focusing on cross-linguistic comparisons - thus raising language awareness - as well as initiating deep understanding and critical literacy. A collateral manual for teachers will be developed. Parallel to this the MuVit software will be developed by ICT experts from Germany and Latvia and the initial content will be produced. The MuVit software will include an authoring tool, allowing students to feed in and share their own stories in their own languages and let them translate and read out loud in other languages. The MuViT software will be disseminated in all of the project partners´ countries and evaluated within various research projects focusing on local suitability, pupils´ motivation, development of metalinguistic awareness, identity transformation and language learning progress as well as on teachers´ acceptance.
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