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"Multilingüismo y deporte"
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The School Partnership project between "Maria Zambrano" (Spain) and "Raetia" (Italy) schools is motivated by the need of language training in both of partner schools. Till now, English used to focus as an European language study. The new reality of the European Union forces to mastery more than one European language, as a result the idea of multilingualism is replacing the concept of bilingualism. The I.E.S. " Maria Zambrano " has been interested for the last years in bilingual education system ( Spanish - English ), but we also have students who are studying Italian and German, in addition we want to develop a CLIL methodology and make own bilingual teaching curricular materials in association with the " Raetia " school as it has a wide esperience about this goal . Within this project the " Zambrano " school brings a large experience in multinational European project participation , meanwhile , the " Raetia " school brings a wide experience related to CLIL methodology , thanks to its great variety of languages. It offers a plan for multilingual studies in which half of the subjects are taught in Italian language and half in German language. Even some of them in a bilingual way( Italian - English and German -English). Besides English and Spanish are studying as European languages, moreover the official language of the region is the Ladin. In this context, I.E.S. “Maria Zambrano " wants to learn, from " Raetia " Institute, how to make teaching materials based on CLIL methodology , which is a natural task for them. On the other hand, the " Raetia " Institute wants to improve its competence level regarding to Spanish language with our help. So the main aim of “MULTILINGUALISM AND SPORT” project is to develop a program of educational activities to: 1.- Improve language skills in Spanish , Italian, German and English and knowledge of the Ladin language. 2.- The development of bilingual curriculum materials based on CLIL methodology in order to teach Physical Education and Sports. During the first year of lesson we will work on climbing, canoeing, Nordic skiing, and ice skating curricular materials. During the second year we will go on with Vela, caving, skiing and snowboarding curricular materials. 3. - The final product for the first year of the project will be a multilingual video ( German - Spanish and English) related to the tourist attractions of the two cities. At the end of the second year a Trilingual guide will be published showing the sport possibilities of the two regions. To achieve and develop these teaching materials the following tasks will be scheduled for two years : 1. - Linguistic online training course, provided by the " Erasmus +" network. Each students at home and fortnightly meetings will be kept at the own school . 2. - Working together on educational workshops through Etwinning platform. With weekly monitoring. 3. - Performing videoconferences between the two schools fortnightly at the own school. 4.- Exchange of information in mixed nationality groups of work in order to make presentations , always with the sport topics . 5. – Abroad mobility for teachers to prepare materials needed in order to work and learn the methodology and didactics of the less known sports. 6. – Abroad mobility for students to force the linguistic immersion and test the applicability of the teaching materials developed in the previous tasks and focusing on the less known physical activities, games and sports for students. The final objective of our School Partnership project is to convince our students about the need of multilingualism in the current European Union and we want to encourage them to face this challenge performing fun and motivating sport activities, and by the way to improve their language competence level.
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