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Multilingual development of the Preschools of Spånga Tensta
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Spånga Tensta city district of the city of Stockholm has got 34 preschools of which a majority of them are with a large multicultural mix. There are 80 languages spoken in our city district and at several of the preschools there are more than 40 languages among the children. Many of the immigrants living in our city district are excluded in the society with a high rate of unemployment, large families and the area is a million programe housing area. Many of the children are having trouble getting a school diploma since the drop out rate is high. The development of a solid base at the preschool is therefor essential with a good knowledge of swedish without loosing contact with the childs mother language and cultural identity. The language development at preschools is therefor essential for the future. We have established contact with Andalucia, Granada during a contact seminar arranged by the swedish agent of Erasmus+ in december 2015 where we got to know that they have years of experience with mutlilingual and multicultural development at their preschools. There are a large amoung of immigrants there as well and the resent years they have introduced a development program in this area of multilingualism and multiculture. The needs of our preschools in Spånga Tensta to find the tools and working methods to give each child the language development they need is essential and we would therefor wish to share the experiences of Granada by job shadowing.Our objective is to introduce more efficient working methods and believe that the program of Granada will give us that. By sending four of our units consisting of 27 of our 34 preschools we intent to implement the new methods after the mobility in all of our units. With all the preschools of Stockholm (about 1000) we hope to inspire more of our collegues. We will send 24 of our staff to Granada for the job shadowing in order to get staff members from all different pedagogical roles such as managers, teachers, special teachers as well as nannies. The profiles of our participants have been selected carefully for their interest and ability to develope themselves and others, as well as many of them speaking spanish which makes the job shadowing much easier.The activities we are planning for is 3 days of job shadowing with a form of questions to be explored during the visit. The managers will focus on the leadership of the language programe and the rest of the staff will study the interaction with the children and the pedagogical aspects. Furthermore we will have meetings with the Andalucian regional body in charge of Educational support - Consejio de Education, Cultura y Deporte, to learn more about their work. We will also visit the University of Granada to learn about their research on language development for the early years of childhood. We will also plan for a KA2 project in 2017 with Granada and intend to include Germany as Granada has had a mobility experience with them in order to further develope the multilingual and multicultural aspects of preschools.Other results that we envisage is a better and more effective language development in our preschools and our city. A better understanding of the european context, a higher awareness amongst important stakeholders within our country and EU about the importance of focusing on the early ages for language development. The long term benefits that we envisage is a better understanding and aknowledgement to the preschool as an important base for the future success for integration of immigrant children. We foresee a better understanding of the multicultural society as a society that gives better understanding between people and better respect for the "others". We want to create a world that is intercultural - not multicultural. The difference lays in the perseption of different cultures beeing seen as a normality of our societies.
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