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Multikulturelles Europa im Cartoon
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: Feb 29, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The terrorist attacks in Paris and the spreading PEGIDA (anti-immigration) movements in many German cities are an alarming development in France and Germany. The fear of the unknown results from a lack of understanding and a lack of intercultural sensitivity. Most people prone to nationalist thinking are less privileged in gaining access to education. With our youth exchange we want to counteract this development. We invite socially disadvantaged young people from Saxony-Anhalt and our French partner in the Centre region, to become aware of the diversity of each individual and to understand it as a strength for the group. The young participants will learn firsthand how valuable a multicultural society is. Although it is very easy to dismiss differences to cultural affiliation, they are not limited exclusively to national belonging. To illustrate these processes, the participants create a wall calendar with cartoons. In nationally mixed couples they exchange ideas, which shall result in 12 unique drawings. At the end each participant takes home his or her own calendar. This way, also in 2016 the exchange project will remain in good memory and invite the viewer to find out more about the Cartoon project. The group of 24 participants from France and Germany will be deliberately very manifold. We want to involve students of all types of schools, young people with migration backgrounds, people with fewer opportunities and young people from rural areas. Language skills play only a minor role. Everyone interested shall get the opportunity to participate and become engaged in their own way. In order to support the participants in achieving personal learning goals, experienced youth workers provide assistance on a regular basis. In addition, a variety of leisure activities shall strengthen the identification with the group and stimulate informal learning with each other. The activities include a visit to the swimming pool and a tasting at the Chocolate Museum. In the evening, interactive games are offered to promote intercultural learning. After the calendar is finished, we will go to Berlin for two days. In the German capital the participants will discover more about cartoon, multiculturalism and social diversity and learn about German history and culture. For the recognition of non-formal learning, all participants will receive a Youth Pass. In addition we also apply the method of "Learning Badges" ( Thus, learning achievements will become visible and traceable already during the project. We want to empower young people through an exceptional mobility experience: help them to make new friends, encourage them to express themselves in a foreign language and interest them in each other’s countries and in a common European identity. The elimination of prejudice, the development of social and intercultural competence and the understanding of diversity eventually form the core of the project.
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