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Multifunctional Agriculture in Europe – Social and Ecological Impacts on Organic Farms
Start date: Jan 1, 2011,

Multifunctional Agriculture (MA) can be found throughout Europe at different quality and quantity stages. MA includes different fields of agriculture combined with other farm activities. In the project we focus on Social Farming (SF). Until now a high quality, European-wide network and coaching model involving the know-how in social, health, justice, education and the organic agriculture sector is missing. With the development of a curriculum addressed to farmers, but also to other rural entrepreneurs from different sectors, the SF starts to be a serious movement. Furthermore, a Eu.-wide network and different training materials provide professional help for people working with e.g. handicapped people. Often the people in charge are qualified by "learning by doing" with low knowledge from the mentioned sectors and no network competences. The project starts with an ex-ante analysis of the target group to identify their needs. The target group consists of students, pedagogues, social workers and farmers. The PN advanced in the development of SF (i.e. IT, NL) strive for analyzing the state of the art for developing a curriculum by gathering existing information, tools, materials and projects in different countries. Afterwards in coop. with experts, the teaching curriculum on a high quality ECVET-level will be elaborated in 6 languages. During all work phases we are cooperating with nat. focus groups consisting of professionals from agriculture, social, health, justice and education sector and with an ext.evaluator to ensure the interdisciplinary approach as well as improvement the stakeholders network throughout Europe.To guarantee that the results will endure beyond the project, to encourage the stakeholders network and to exploit the project outcomes, we will implement a summer school. In each PN-country we will implement one National and common Transnat. Virtual Competence Centre. This on-line platform shall link activities of nat. and Eu. MA movements.
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