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Multicultural village
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Multicultural village is a youth exchange that will take place in Romania, 11 days (including travel days), where 50 young people from seven countries - Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Lithuania, Poland and Turkey will have activities aimed at promoting awareness of different cultures among rural youth through non-formal education methods. The Youth Exchange will help inform participants about migration and racism through interactive methods and will exemplify situations of migration and racism (eg. The refugee crisis in Syria). In some places participants will notice the effects of migration and the development of a multicultural society, and later to understand what the consequences and how much a society regresses when voltages are religious, linguistic phenomena of discrimination and exclusion that lead to social tension. Participants will acquire skills for recognizing a situation of racial discrimination, stereotypes, prejudices and will use the knowledge gained and skills acquired to combat such phenomena in communities of origin. The project will promote tolerance, respect, appreciation and development of a multicultural society and will enable participants to cultivate the necessary values such as equality, human dignity will help create a culture of human rights. Project participants will know and promote fundamental / universal and European society they come from. Young people will be familiar with the policies promoted by the European Union and more information about Erasmus + and the ability to develop and implement projects within future mobility and / or project actions. Thus, in order to have a fair and inclusive Europe, will encourage the exchange of young companies promoting a universal, multicultural regardless of ethnicity, religion, nationality, culture. Each participant will become a promoter of the universality and multicultural society, characteristics that will be developed through participatory methods, such as group discussions, role plays, team games, team work, billboard, etc. By using these exercises will contribute to an active involvement of all participants, which will make them know better, establishing relations of friendship and stating their own situations of racism or how to live together in a society dominated by migrants . In stimulating discussions and debates and media sources will be used to exemplify cases of discrimination and real life will be an important educational goal. The methodology will be based on the principles of non-formal education with activities of Compass, All Different All Equal Companion and the Council of Europe and using games, theater, café public discussions facility and the like. We will organize an international evening for participants to create a small community of young people regardless of language, ethnicity, religion broken stereotypes and nice to live a better world. This activity younger will direct knowledge of each country participating in the project and will appreciate European diversity. Each group will conduct a presentation on his country by offering young people the opportunity of others to taste traditional dishes, to learn specific dances in a creative way, and to know the tradition and culture of their country. We note that during the project and will discuss approaches to young people with racist tendencies, soparticipants to develop and psychological skills to talk to young people in this category, because in the end our intention to combat racism is not a struggle but a movement of awareness, change of mindset for a developed society. For maximum visibility of the project participants will prepare and stage a play for the local community to demonstrate once again that the participants have acquired certain qualities, skills, abilities to engage in society from which to eradicate the problem. This would be the long term result of the project, a continuing attempt to promote European rights and live in a diverse community, even if it meet people of different color, religion, language. The project will include people with fewer opportunities Roma, migrants, etc. Scout Society is lead partner and other partners are: MKUD Kladivo 11 INNOVAFORM KOZHASZNU NONPROFIT KFT., ASSOCIATION FOR CAREER DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING, Stowarzyszenie MOJE Marzena SPELNIAJA SIE Genc ERISA Dernegi, Atviras Siauliu rajono jaunimo centras.
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