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MultIcultural Care in European Intensive Care Units
Start date: Oct 1, 2016, End date: Sep 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The latest Eurostat data demonstrate that the population across EU-28 increased by 1.3 million people in 2015 alone and migration has become one of the key drivers of population change. This data confirms the thesis of dr A. Bischoff from Swiss Forum for Migration and Population Studies (2003) and scientists from London`s Global University (2011) who noticed, that the cultural diversity will be one of the most important factor in health-care area. The role of nurses, especially those that work in Intensive Care Units where they deal with the most difficult situations, seems to be especially sensitive when it comes to interculturality. As they often work with unconsciousness patients and family might be not in reach, they are expected to know how to care for a patient depending on culture and religion. For example, Semites do not permit to touch the body by a third party; Muslims should not be given any porcine insulin or any medications containing alcohol; Muslims or Jehowa Witnesses reject any available of blood therapies or any derivatives of it. There might be also certain expectations concerning organ transplantation, dealing with the body post mortem. Lack of understanding leads to frustration, anxiety and aggression. Lack of cultural awareness may be a danger to patient’s dignity. Due to this, it is important to equip medical personnel with proper competencies.As an answer to the above needs, the project aims at improving the knowledge, skills and competencies of the ICU nurses when caring for a culturally dissimilar patient. This aim will be achieved through: - deepen analysis of intercultural training needs and intercultural competencies of ICU Nurses- development of specialist and accredited multicultural course for ICU Nurses- preparing recommendations for medical documentation to be used by ICU Nurses- wide dissemination of the outputs across whole Europe The project will directly involve 520 ICU Nurses. 400 of them will take part in the intercultural training needs and competencies analysis and 120 will test the e-learning specialist course designed especially for them. Other ICU Nurses and Experts from different medical areas will participate in working groups organised in each country in order to consult the developed material. The project is centred among development of three main Intellectual Outputs. The first 6 months will be devoted to the needs analysis and creation of the report on the basis of which the next outputs will be created. The Intercultural course for ICU Nurses will be developed in cooperation between all partners and implemented on-line as e-learning course. After through testing, its final version will be recommended by EfCCNa and documentation for accreditation of the course will be submitted by medical partners in all their countries. The third Intellectual Output will be the recommendations for the model of medical documentation for ICU Nurses which will be ready for practical use in Intensive Care Units. Besides main intellectual outputs, the project will organise multiplier events in all partner countries which will gather 300 stakeholders. It is expected that the impact of the project will be significant at all levels. Local, regional and national levels will be impacted by the dissemination activities performed by partners in their regions and countries. As the result, the ICU Nurses will increase their vocational competencies and receive a practical tool for work with patients from different cultures. Thanks to the involvement of EfCCNa (partner of the project) which gathers 25000 ICU Nurses from 28 countries, the impact will be seen also on the European level which assures long-term benefits in the shape of better qualified medical personel ready for caring culturally dissimilar patients.
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