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Multi-Sensor Information on Climate Change

According to the 4th Report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel onClimate Change (IPCC) in 2007, as compiled by 600 climatologists drawnfrom 40 countries around the world, using 14 super computer modelsover a 3 years period, there is greater certainty than ever, that the currentglobal warming is not a natural phenomenon. The report stated that thereis a 90% chance that global warming is caused by human activity. TheRt. Hon. Margaret Beckett when UK Secretary of State for theEnvironment, speaking at the Green Alliance in 2004 indicated theenormity of the issue of climate change in Europe when she said,“…climate change is the predominant global environmental issue whereEuropean leadership is vital...”.We support the notion that Europe shouldtake a leadership role in this most urgent scientific, social and culturalmaelstrom. We also agree that from an educational viewpoint muchneeds to be done to enhance knowledge of all EU citizens, across all ageranges, of this important scientific fact. All scientific data containssubstantial amounts of complex graphical data. This format is acceptablefor people whose vision and hearing are unimpaired but for those peoplewho are visually impaired there is exclusion from this important source ofinformation, the hearing impaired to a lesser degree. This project,therefore, seeks to create and develop innovative learning materials in arange of formats that will be adaptable to the needs of people withsensory impairments; specifically visual and hearing impairments. Thisproject will target: Sensory impaired people in secondary education;Sensory impaired people in continuing education; Sensory impairedpeople in life long education. - It will provide both teacher support andlesson content materials for supporting people who have sensoryimpairments. As this is a methodology and content project there is arelevance to several objectives across the spectrum of sub programmes;they are itemised in this submission to show the trans-programmecompatibility of how this project will answer these objectives andpriorities. The key objective is categorised as a Leonardo ‘Developmentof Innovation’ project.
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