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Multi Métodos Para Uma Aprendizagem de Sucesso: do Pré-Escolar ao Ensino Básico
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This application aims to answer a need, as a conscious school, to understand how can we make the most of the good practices of different teaching methods, being based on new technologies. We intend to achieve a quality education, sustained by different teaching methods and innovative coming from diverse cultures. If we study different pedagogical trends and adjust the way we teach, the way that our students have to learn, we can create a balance between what was and what will be. We are aware that thanks to new technologies, the school and the teacher, are no longer the primary source of knowledge for our students. Increasingly the field of transmission of knowledge that previously belonged to school today, begins to not be completely true. We can not forget that the school no longer provides its students with the knowledge as if it was an absolute truth, but rather to help them build their own point of view, a particular truth from so many partial truths.Having all these issues in mind, arose our application entitled "Multi methods for successful learning: from pre-school to primary education". We decided to integrate a range of training courses for teachers to give us the knowledge and also opportunities. The curriculum goals and personal management are becoming each time more and more demanding and as a result, we see the difficulty that our teachers have to make it happen in a significantly way. Given the number of selected participants (17) and the number of flow (6), proved to be essential to develop an application for a period of two years.This project will follow a methodology that will perform the measurement data reporting and its evaluation of the results before during and after courses, in order to, verify whether the objectives have been achieved and what impact the project dynamics will have in our personal, social domain and therefore, the remaining education community. We believe that the benefits of implementing this project are huge, both in terms of the daily performance in teachers life, as in the students who will benefit from better education professionals that will be prepared to answer to all the challenges. We think the benefits of this project will be seen in a short, medium and a long-term, as soon as, the changes in teaching practices begin and the improving in the learning process, that we so passionately promote.

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