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Muhasebe ve Büro Yönetimi Alanında Avrupa Yoluyla Mesleki Becerilerin Geliştirilmesi
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The target population of this current project thats name "Professional Skills Development in The Field of Acoounting and Office Management through European" consists of 21 students from finance and accounting department and 18 students from office management department. Since we have adequate number of students and enough capacity for managerial staff, we don’t have a local partner for this project. We have planned 2 visits within the scope of this project. 2 teachers will escort the students in each of the visits and there will be 4 teachers in the project. The project will start in 01 September 2015 and finish in 01 September 2016. Our first visit regarding the internship activities of accounting and finance students will be carried out between 07 March 2016 and 21 March 2016. The second visit regarding the internship activities of office management students will take place between 09 May 2016 and 23 May 2016. The participant students from accounting and finance will have training on setting up and running accounting software. However, the training content will change starting from the second week. The students will be trained on software of letter of carriage, invoice, stock, received, cheques-bills, document tracking system, department tracking system and installments. Developing technology affects accounting and education of accounting to a great extend. Therefore, people trained on accounting these days are obliged to follow current technological developments, to know the accounting systems of European countries and to have the abilities to use the software being used in those countries. It is also expected that contributors; will expertise on computer based accounting, will acquire the skills to do pre-accounting on computer systems, will build the capacity to track accounting and all of the activities of companies on commercial softwares, will have the ability to accomplish installments and creating reports of them, will be able to register commercial documents on packaged programs and group and report them and will acquire the knowledge to assist commercial companies on their daily issues and potential solutions. The students of Office Management Department will be trained on Travel Organization by Qualo training & mobility, s.r.o. in the Czech Republic Prague. Economic activities have abandoned the borders and have been carried to international platforms in this age. That’s why, we are experiencing the problem of not having enough number of people who graduates from office management departments that can give their students capacity for international organizations. The tools that are going to be applied are as follows: Packaged software for travel agencies, printer, desk phones and fax, photocopiers, various types of papers and envelopes. The participant students will acquire knowledge and experience on making international organizations, determining the best means of transportation, using softwares of travel agencies at European standards, accomplishing reservations, making accommodational organizations in accord with customer needs, analyzing prices accurately, analyzing the cultural and historical sites of European countries, recognizing other cultures and introducing their culture. The students will gain the following at the end of the education within the scope of this project: their employment rates will increase, they will share the knowledge and experience that they will gain with their school mates, they will introduce a new perspective to the applications in Turkey by means of their current experience and contribute to the developments and improvements. Furthermore, they will also improve their foreign language skills both in accounting jargon and basic interpersonal communication during their stay in Europe. The experiences that will be gained through internship will also display benefits in the long run. The project owner school will gain experience on carrying out projects and this will be beneficial for further projects that will be developed in the future. Moreover, the school’s institutional capacity will increase by sharing the knowledge and experience they will gain with the rest of the school both with teachers and students.

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