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MSc technology-enhanced Forest Fire Fighting Learning
Start date: Oct 1, 2010,

Europe is confronted with the problem of population departure and consequent abandon of rural areas due to the increase in wildfire incidence, and there is a need to to find ways to support rural development by providing adequate training on fire and disaster related management. Romania, Hungary, Estonia, Spain and UK have recorded between 2004-2007, 21500 fires which affected almost 150,000ha of agricultural and forest land with a value of around €35 million damage declared. The 2008 Forest Fire conference that took place in Toledo Spain identified as of mater of urgency the need for training on forest fire fighting techniques for forest enterprise managers, agricultural farms managers and rural development project managers.Main deliverable 1. European Masters Programme with clear learning outcomes and learning materials for each module. The programme is accredited in all participating countries and is jointly taught. The programme is available in English, Hungarian, Estonia, Spanish and Romanian. It is delivered in an integrated manner using the European Credit and Accumulation Transfer System and Diploma Supplement and includes staff and student mobility.2. A Virtual Learning Platform that contains learning materials in a digital format including text, audio-material, images and video-material.3. Dissemination materials on digital support containing text, pictures and video-materials. 4. Tester workshops organised in participating countries.5. Teaching materials translated from English into Hungarian, Estonian,Spanish and Romanian. Target group:Primary roup: Graduates of Planning faculties who intend to work in the infrastructure projects, graduates of environmental faculties who intend to specialise in fire prevention, fire fighters who intend to specialise in wildfire prevention, graduates who intend to set up firms specialised in equipment production.

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