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Moving Towards Learner-Centred Learning: providing business students with multiple skills through case method

The project seeks to integrate use of the case study method into problem based learning and teaching for students from a variety of disciplines. The project partners will create a network for the collection, preparation and evaluation of case studies for teaching and learning based upon their own experiences with this method. Emphasis will be placed on partners learning from each other’s experiences in using the case study method as a teaching tool. Real-life business case studies will be further collected from SMEs for students to work through. Selected case studies will be converted into best practice descriptions of problem solving for businesses, with the added aim of producing a model for identifying and reporting best practice descriptions. Having collected information on case studies and use of the case study method in teaching and learning, the project partners will convert this information into a guide on using the case study method for student learning. The guide will be made available in printed form and via the internet in the languages of the partner countries; it will also be made available via an English-language CD-Rom. Each partner will be expected to produce two detailed case studies for the manual. Teachers participating in the project will receive training in use of the case study method, for which the services of expert consultants are planned. Students will work on case studies with other students from different partner countries via the internet. In this regard, the project seeks to promote transnational application of the case study method and to improve students' working skills in an international setting. The project manual on use of the case study method will be disseminated via the internet, however, the detailed case studies and the best practice descriptions/model are only planned for distribution amongst the project partners.

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