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Moving Stories from across Borders Cultures Generations

This project encourages groups who are at the margins of society (older people,migrants, minority ethnic communities) to tell their stories, training them in the skillsneeded to bring such personal discourse into the public domain. These are storiesmostly ignored or marginalised by mainstream media, but particularly well-suited tocommunity radio which has a tradition of giving a ‘voice to the voiceless’. The projectaims not just to give the story-tellers digital competence (recording, editing, internetradio, web design) but to engage in ‘crosstalk’ which moves between generations andcultures and includes a critique of mainstream media conventions and exclusions.Sustainability beyond the project’s lifetime is envisaged as the 9 partners in 7 countriesinclude community media practitioners, adult education specialists and universityresearchers representing an unusual combination of experience in education, training,broadcasting, research, project management and publication on community radio. Thecoordinator, Dr. Traudel Günnel (Senior Lecturer at Freiburg University of Education)led much the same team in previous projects (Digital Dialogues / META-Europe) fundedunder the Grundtvig programme.Three linked activities will run over a two-year period:• Activity 1, “Moving stories in the context of migration” which targets migrants andasylum seekers focusing on inter-generational and intercultural aspects.• Activity 2: “Moving stories and Gender” targeting women of different ages, social andcultural backgrounds.• Activity 3: “Moving stories and life histories” which targets senior citizens, universitystudents, adult educators, teachers and families and will research diaries, letters,autobiographical interviews, stories told and recorded in the context of localcommunities.Outcomes will be:• a training pack: model courses, teaching/ learning materials, CDs, audios, handbooksavailable from a website in 6 languagesDissemination will take the form of:• journal articles, conference papers, web page and will utilise the media, educationaland academic networks of partners in each country• membership of the community radio association, AMARC, of ECREA, and of theIAMCR.The project will be continuously monitored and evaluated with the aid of an actionresearch strategy in cooperation with an external evaluator.

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