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Moving In, Moving On! Application of Art-Based Methods to Social and Youth Work (MIMO)
Start date: Oct 31, 2010, End date: Dec 30, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

MIMO has its starting point in the fact of social exclusion as a problem emerging among youth across Europe. There are cross-border issues of youth alienation, low level of school attractiveness, students extremely low feeling of subjective wellbeing, frequency of acts of school violence and the changing demographics regarding youth multiculturalism and diversity. It is addressed in research that culture and art are means of enhancing well-being. However no comprehensive training, knowledge of professionals and applications of art-based methods in preventive youth work exist in Southern Finland and Estonia. MIMO will build cooperation between youth organizations, schools and MIMO partners: universities, an NGO and an enterprise in order to develop multi-professional teamwork (MPT) and practical tools of art-based methods for preventive social and youth work. In this cross-disciplinary work there will be professionals from university degrees of Performing Arts, Film and Media and Health/Social Care. WP 2 develops MPT´s theoretical framework and gives training. Theoretical framework of art-based methods used in multi-professional environment will be turned into practice based use in WP3. WP3 will give series of pilot workshops and continuing art clubs to youth. These are organized in youth work centers and schools. WP4 will concentrate on transferring the methods and theory as well as the experiences of workshops in to printed and online guide books and journals. There will be analyzing and comparing cross-border methods between the participating partner organizations in Southern Finland and Estonia and WP5 will disseminate the results to program area and beyond. MIMO has two different starting points and approaches. Finnish MIMO-teams concentrate on developing the existing art-based methods in educational level and Estonian MIMO-teams focus on finding ways to involve youth in artistic work. MIMO addresses this way the joint problem in CB-area and balances differences inside program area. MIMO will give target groups (at risk and diverse youth mainly between 13-17y) the possibility to join performing arts (theatre and dance) workshops and other activities. Art-based methods give the opportunity to create a safe environment to youth participants voices, they are not only heard, but they can openly speak about their life challenges and understand that they are not alone. MIMO links also virtual and real world activities. MIMO focuses on media education and in developing innovative media platforms and one core concept of Process Documentation. MIMO will record, analyze, and archive the subjective experiences of the youth participants. This Process Documentation best addresses the qualitative as well as quantitative data generated by this project. MIMO´s activities will contribute to preventive social and youth work by developing efficient multi-professional teamwork and concrete tools for social and youth work as well as schools. Achievements: The main aim of MIMO was to develop and to apply art-based methods for preventive youth and social work in close cooperation with young people, teachers, health care professionals, artists, and social and youth workers. The main target group and beneficiary of the project results are the young people aged 13 to 17 years at risk of social exclusion and the professionals working with them. Working in multiprofessional teams during MIMO proved to be both rewarding and motivating for the students and the professionals. The project reached over 3 000 young people in Estonia and in Finland through various workshops, clubs and events. The workshops applied art-based methods of digital (photography, video) and performing arts (puppetry, dance and theatre). In MIMO, also the participating young people had their say to the content of the activities and got their voices heard. The compiled promising practices, new knowledge and ideas have been disseminated during MIMO for the significant target groups of the project through seminars, workshops, training and publications.
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