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Movilidad Europea en Automoción 5
Start date: Jul 1, 2015, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Context: The project is carried out in a Public Vocational Training Institute of the Community of Madrid, for students in Intermediate Vocational Training Electromechanical, Bodywork and Rolling Stock Maintenance. In the project the following departments of our school participate: - Management Team - Transport and Vehicle Maintenance - Training and Employment Guidance - English. Number and profile of participants: a total of 6 students, of the above cycles will be benefited from the project. The level of education of these students, before this training cycle, corresponds to Secondary Education, aged between 17 and 25 years in exceptional cases may be higher student ages. Basically, the activity to be developed is the implementation of work practices of students in companies in the motor industry in the countries of destination. Our host partners are Srednja poklicna in strokovna single Bezigrad in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and BBS Rinteln in Germany, with whom we have collaborated in the ERASMUS student exchange program + Higher Education. The relationship with the centers has always been fluid, so that a high level of quality is ensured in practice and reciprocity in the exchange of students. Stays of students will be held from March to June 2016. The project will be carried out with a methodology based on the continued collaboration between our center, shelters and businesses practices. In order to achieve the best quality of mobility so that students are integrated during their stay in a suitable production and labor system to studies. The monitoring and mentoring of students will be coordinated from Spain in collaboration with companies, and the tutor of the host partner through continuous communication with students and travel to the destination countries by the selected team of teachers. During October 2015 to March 2016 students will receive 4 hours a week of English classes taught by language assistants provided by the Community of Madrid and 4 hours per week of classes in German by the professor hired to do it. The selection process will be conducted under criteria of transparency and equal opportunities. Results and Expected Impact: We believe that participation in a program of European learning, and therefore the work experience abroad, complete the training needs of our students in technical, professional and personality aspects. It also Improves and increases their chances of entering the labor market. We hope that participation in the project provide students: - Knowledge and use of professional techniques and different working procedures. - Improved integration capacity, knowledge and adaptation to a different language, learning and working environment. - Increase flexibility and response capacity to deal with new situations. - Development of their entrepreneurial capacity. - Improving their linguistic and technological capabilities. - Develop their ability to work together with people of other nationalities. In addition to this, we expect the project to provide the following long term benefits: - Improving the professional skills of our students to facilitate their integration into the labor market, giving them the opportunity to do their internship in a foreign country. -Provide Students valuable work experience in the current job market, given the goodwill generated by the transnational nature of the experience. - Contribute to the improvement of learning and teaching languages, promoting broad linguistic diversity of the European Union and intercultural awareness. - Internationalize the educational dimension of our school. - Open avenues for future innovation programs and exchanges. - Improving the position of our center within the education system. - Promote the exchange of experience, innovation and internationalization in the field of education through cooperation of our center with other schools in the European Union - Promote partnerships and collaboration between education and employment, through the development and improvement of our school relationships with companies in the host country of our students. - Develop their ability to work together with people of other nationalities.

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