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Movilidad de estudiantes y personal en lenguas inglesa y francesa.
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

OBJECTIVES AND LONG TERM BENEFITS.In our Institution, we understand that true integration into the European space we belong requires opening channels ofcommunication and exchange with other countries belonging to it. In the field of education, public administrations are carrying outan important work of regulation and organization of actions focused on a cultural and scientific exchange in Europe and manifestedin the different calls as this one of Erasmus +The reasons that move us to participate in this call are:a) Interest in knowing other education systems in all areas:- Educational programs in schools in the field of vocational training.- Training of teachers.- Management of professional internship.- Management of centers. etc.b) The need to open the center to the outside as a way to set the foundations for the implementation of regular educationalexperiences abroad, both as recipients of students and teachers, as well as issuers to other countries.c) Make explicit the importance of languages as an essential tool in a globalized economic environment in which its mastering cannot only open doors in other countries but also in ours, insofar companies maintain relationships internationally.d) To enrich and open our minds and our students to experience different environments from ours, other ways of doing andunderstanding things, other forms of training and working as well as different cultural elements.CONTEXTOur institution is located in the town of Utebo, third city by population in the province of Zaragoza and fifth of Aragon. Utebo islocated 12 kilometers from Zaragoza having a good communication between both locations via train and bus.In the near vicinity of Utebo there are a number of companies engaged in diverse activities and in many cases with national andinternational projection which play a crucial role in the economic development of the region (Valeo, General Motors, Marcotrans,LeciTrailer, Auchan, Enlog etc.). Our School is an important referent for the industrial fabric in the vicinity area, since our students areachieving the training needed for their activities.NUMBER AND PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTSThe mobilities we ask in this project are eight for students (four for both countries, France and Malta) and four for teachers (two foreach country). Students belonging to intermediate vocational training will be asked to meet a number of requirements relating tothe call (language level, educational level, good behavior, attendance, etc).Teachers, whose training by the administration is limited and insufficient in many cases, are in the need of seeking any opportunityfor training and retraining. Having the opportunity to visit a foreign company and be part of it for a few days will provide hugebenefits that will result positively in their educational work.Erasmus +ACTIVITIESActivities in the case of students will be to do 6 weeks of their internship period in a foreign company. As for teachers, the activitywill consist in a Job shadowing period in a school or a company.Beyond the strictly educational and/or professional activities, any stay abroad should be accompanied by other informal activitiessuch us knowledge of the environment, cultural approach and enriching human relationships. It is this set of activities which is goingto fulfill the expected result.IMPACT AND BENEFITSThe impact of this project at the level of students and teachers participating is personal enrichment to educational, linguistic,cultural and professional level. The experiences that involve living for a short time in a foreign country, we understand that theyhave, in most cases, a long-term positive impact on the person who has lived it. It allows to perceive the “surroundings” as an areaincreasingly broader, going beyond the limits of its neighbors by offering multiple new possibilities.From an external point of view, our school should be recognized as an entity capable of establishing long lasting and rewardingrelationships with the outside of which can benefit our users: students and teachers. We want to show ourselves as an institutionthat builds bridges within the space of the European Union allowing students and teachers to cross them, and as a consequence, ourschool and staff will increase its added value in benefit of the whole community.
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