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MovEurope - Career Opportunities for the youth
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Escola Profissional do Minho – Esprominho is an organization which prepares young people to enter the world of work, by providing them professional experience in companies. In order to combat early school leaving, increase students motivation, expand their future work opportunities, promote educational attainment, strengthen quality in education and vocational training, improve students language and professional skills, increase international mobilities, and improve the projects quality, Esprominho has come up with this project MovEurope – Career Opportunities for the Youth. The Project will enable twenty-four students, who are attending the following courses: Business/Commerce, Information Technology, Fashion Design, Tourism and Managing and Events Services (from the 2nd and 3rd years – equivalent to the 11th and 12th grade) to do an international work placement in companies located in France (Clermond-Ferrand), Italy (Palermo) and Spain (Granada). Departures will take place in Octobre 2015 for twelve students in the third year of their courses and in May 2016 for twelve students in the second year. Two of the three intermediary organizations have been suggested by Esprominho partners in former European projects, they all have a large experience in organizing and managing work placement projects for students from European countries, they work with an extended net of companies which will receive our students that will put into practice knowledge acquired during their training but also to acquire new skills (professional, personal, linguistic and technical). Intermediary organizations will also be in charge of tutoring the participants, by meeting in a weekly basis with the receiving companies. Esprominho will be regularly informed about the development of each internship. School will be permanently in contact with the participants through social networks and Skype. In the case of Clermont-Ferrand, two members of the Project team know some families who will accommodate our students. In the two other cases, the intermediary institutions will handle the accommodation question according to our students needs. For each country, a member of the Project staff will accompany the students during the first week since he/she will undergo a training course in the receiving country and will take the opportunity to check if the accommodation, the receiving company and the intermediary organization meet the requirements of the contracts. When the participants get back, they will bring more knowledge, aptitudes and skills thatt they will transmit to classmates and teachers. They will make a video to testify their international experience with pictures of the twenty-four mobilities to be presented in the school auditorium (internal dissemination), in the training showcases of the schools of the region (external dissemination) but also on Facebook page Esprominho in Europe (internal, external and international dissemination). The Project staff will also disseminate the results thanks to a session addressed to the school teachers with the aim of increasing the teachers involved in the international projects. Thus, Esprominho will bet on this Project since it will allow us to motivate the students to participate in international work placements, pursue their training to achieve this unique opportunity, to strive for better results, enhance knowledge acquired abroad which will permit to improve the contents taught in the classrooms, increase the number of staff involved in international projects and, who knows, open doors in the European world market. In the long term, Esprominho wants to “breathe international projects”, i.e. international projects shall be an integral part of the school mission, with all the school agents involved and committed, not only some students and some teachers.
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