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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In the last years, Mesa y López high school has planned/designed an international strategy having Europe and Erasmus + as a reference to develop teaching and students projects. At medium and long term, we aim to be considered as an innovating school regarding European projects. This KA1 project is the first step in this medium term European strategy. The Bruges Comuniqué and the EU 2020 Strategy are our inspiration in the present European situation. Following this documents lines, this project aims to improve our staff (teachers) skills by the direct experiences exchange and assistance to specific courses. This general goal is concreted in 4 scopes: a) Improve the management and organization of our institution; b) Get the teaching skills of our staff better; c) Provide creativity and technological-methodological innovation; d) Enrich the diversity, sustainability, and participation in our school. By this project we are looking to know and share new ideas with other european schools. To reach this objective, we have work hard to identify the needs of our school and how our partners can help us. This relation will be in two directions, the hosting partners will also take benefit of our experience and knowledge. As far as the activities are concerned, we have planned 12 mobilities combining job shadowing and teaching assessment in 5 countries (Germany, Denmark, Slovakia, France and Sweden). These schools have been properly selected according to the projects objectives. The participants will get involved in the schools life of the hosting institution. Their main function will consist in direct observation. At the same time, they will participate in the activities of an specific pedagogical department. All their functions will be accorded with the hosting institution coordinator in advance. By other side, and attending to the teaching training needs identified in the European Development Plan, we have planned 11 mobilities to attend specific courses in Hungary, United Kingdom, Belgium and Finland. This courses have been identified by the Departments involved in order to answer the teachers learning needs with the aim of improving the teaching assessment in our school. The goal subjects are: Raspberry in education; Emotional creativity; Democratic schools; Montessori methodology in adults teaching languages; Management of European projects in education; and CLIL. Both of these mobilities have been included in the European Development Plane elaborated in october-december 2014. This PDE has been preceded by a diagnostic of situation analyzed in the Pedagogical Coordination Commission. The institutional approach is guaranteed by the support of the whole institution. (Direction, CCP, staff meeting). Besides, the skills learned will be taken into practice once the mobilities will be finished.
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