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Move Your Body, Be Healthy
Start date: Jun 13, 2016, End date: Mar 12, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The development of technology, brings a sedentary life with it. Obesity, one of the most important health problems of our time, comes from insufficient physical activity and malnutrition and in recent years it increased tremendously all over the World. It’s known that in conclusion of the 12 years of meticulous work, which is conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) in various regions of Africa,Asia and Europe, the obesity shows an increase between %10 to %30. As a result of sedentary life and obesity, many diseases show up and because of these diseases a large number of people lost their lives. One of the remedies to get rid of from ilnesses, health issues, harmful habits and psycho-social stresses is moving, doing sports. In order to dealing with lack of movement, raising the quality of human life, making daily-life activites easier in physical meaning and living a more healthy life, we have to make the sport a permanent part of our lives, not temporary. We took part as a participating country in ‘Media,Skills&Youth’ project between 27th of March – 8th of April 2015 which is carried out under the name of Erasmus+ and this project became our starting point. In this context, the overall objective of our project is to raise awareness of youth -which will be basis of the EU community- within the framework of more active life and healthy living theme. The specific objectives of this project are as follows: -Creating awareness of healthy lifestyles in youth. -Developing international cooperation on healthy nutrition and sedentary life. -İncreasing the young people’s willingness about sports for a healthy life -Raising awareness of young people about benefits of sports. -Encouraging enterpreneurship by giving an active role to young people. -Preparing new project drafts to promote active lifestyle for youth. -Teaching different sports to young people.Since the topic of our project is about sports and healthy life, a part of yougsters that are going to be involved with our project from our partners are going to be high school and university students, and the other parts is going to be youngsters that are disadvantaged, in the risk of being excluded, having problems with being social, unemployed or temporarily working. Some of the young participants that are chosen are going to be from people which are usually taking less sporty responsibilities and doing less personal participation in social issues. In this project totally 6 leaders and 48 participants are going to take place. During this project, activities are going to be like this: games for getting to know each other, ice-skating, orienteering, trekking, competitions, paintball games, sea and beach activities, cultural trips and activities, cycling, circuit training and different sports, project preparation activities, NGO fair and assessment activities.While these activities taking place, these common education methods are going to be used: Ice-breakers, games, energyzer, brain storming, group activities, outdoor activities, learning by doing, outdoor activities in nature, role playing, travel and observe, examination, questions and asnwers, exhibition, survey. With an active participation, participants will improve the awareness of healthy life style and they are going to see healthy life can be accessible by doing sports and living actively, they are going to learn new sports, they are going to be informed about the benefits of sports thus they will be more willing to do sports. Youngsters that are going to take responsibilities and active roles in these activities will improve the senses of responsibilty and entrepreneurship. New project drafts that are encouraging active life style are going to be prepared, later on these drafts will take place and develop international cooperations. With this project youngsters will get international friendships and they will know different cultures. Because of the new cultures that are going to walk into their lives they will broaden their horizons and if there is any prejudgement about other cultures they will get rid of it.Thanks to activities that are going to take place during project, our participants will adopt active life style and doing sports is going to be an essential part of their lives. So there will be a long-term effect.
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