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Move ton CV ! une volonté d'ouverture à l'international et de mobilité professionnelle
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project is part of the Lycée des Métiers A Beau de Rochas’s undertaking to integrate an international open door policy with an emphasis on mobility. Experiments with mobility in the United Kingdom have already addressed these needs and fixed objectives. Today, in order to pursue our commitment to encourage young people to broaden their horizons and to value their professional training, we are presenting this mobility project from Plymouth in the United Kingdom. Our target group consists of 24 students, doing the first part of the Professionnal Baccalauréat in administrative management. Since middle school most of these students have given up studying another language and feel that it is of little or no importance to their future career to speak other languages. These students, lacking confidence in their academic and personal abilities, have difficulty studying and accept jobs with very little job security so that they can stay in a familiar environment and social circle. A pilot group made up of teachers and administrative staff runs and supports this project. Our aim is to address the needs which we identified from our student’s profiles: - Offer a concrete approach to learning languages and avoid disengagement by putting in place activities which show the importance of learning English. - Introduce the concept of a Professionnal Baccalauréat in administrative management through educational projects which develop initiative, self reliance, an appreciation of their own abilities and better interpersonal skills. - Increase the professional horizons of students from rural areas. - Help these students to be mobile by giving them confidence and by making them a driver of the project. The objectives of the project are: - Improve how we teach and learn the English language with activities throughout the whole school: preparatory workshops ‘Move your CV’ plus hours of non linguistic work to prepare the student to be mobile (linguistic, educational and cultural). Organise activities with a European theme (a direct link with teaching how a project is professionally managed). Key learning points are identified which give a structure to teaching the English language. - Avoid educational disengagement thanks to a project, which includes professional administration management training, and increases self esteem both at a personal and an educational level. - Give added professional value by increasing employability and complementary experience in Europe thanks to the mobility necessary (increased unemployment amongst young people). This project will allow our students studying administrative management to put into practice their skills organising events showing the importance of European citizenship and increasing their knowledge. The students will improve their communication skills and will understand and use a language adapted to the professional needs of this sector (written and oral communication, commercial activities). This requires total immersion in the environment at Plymouth: one French student per business and per host family. Obtaining the EuroPro award with the ‘Mobility’ option on the Bac Pro diploma proves the benefits of a professional training. The consequences and the advantages for the students are: -A Professional Baccalauréat in administrative management including EuroPro with a mobility option. -Learn how to speak conversational English with ease. -Gain self-confidence, independence, maturity and responsibility -Cultural awareness and personnel development -Regain confidence in the educational system with a view to undertaking further studies. -Added professional value As part of a policy to be more accessible to Europe in our school, the success of this project should consolidate the work undertaken to reconcile students to learn foreign languages, and encourage new mobility projects to other countries and in new professional sectors. We hope to offer mobility opportunities to a greater number of students. This should be transferable to other sections and groups of teachers.
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