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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The European Agency for Vocational Education and Training, Cologne Government Regional Office (EUGES), wants to motivate and support further vocational colleges in the Cologne region to provide Europwide mobilities for their VET students. Moreover, the EUGES motivates the VET colleges to develop a concept of Europeanisation/ internationalization respectively to strengthen the existing ones. Altogether there are 58 state-run Vet colleges in the Cologne region. The teachers' mobilities help to get to know future partners for students' exchange personally, to agree on their framework (memorandum of understanding) and to exchange and improve ideas of learning and teaching methods. The EUGES offers support to find suitable partner institutions because it has a broad network of reliable partners from different former projects. With this project the EUGES supports the participationg VET colleges in the implementation and operation of their intended mobilities by overtaking a considerable part of the administration. In this case, in order to facilitate the first steps into internationalization, the EUGES takes care of the application. In former projects we found out that this kind of support helps enable the VET colleges to later on apply by themselves and feel fit for the implementation of their own mobility projects. In addition, we would like to use and disseminate the results of former Transfer of Innovation Projects which focussed on improving the quality of mobilities. In our projects we developped competence matrixes for several VET sections which shall be used now for quality management. All participants have to pass a self-evaluation for transversal competences (foreign languages, intercultural and social) before and after their internship. Thus, all participants need to consciously deal with their existing competences before their internships starts and hopefully determine an improvement of their competences afterwards. The database which was developped in the THEME project will be used for the organisation of the mobilities. In addition, with the above mentioned instruments, the implementation of ECVET in general and especially in the participaring VET colleges will be promoted. The participating VET teachers and mentors from training companies will get the chance to become acquainted with partner institutions abroad. This provides a basis for longterm cooperation and high quality exchanges and possibly new projects. Thus, by means of this project, VET-mobility shall be increased and with help of the instruments mentioned above, so wil their quality and transparency. As a result, apart from the VET colleges, companies who are involved in VET training shall also be convinced of the benefit of mobilities and let their students MOVE on!
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