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Move on up
Start date: May 2, 2016, End date: May 1, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project entitled 'Move on up' is a youth exchange involving a total of 40 youths from 2 different countries: Malta, and UK. These 45 individuals will consist of 14 young people with special needs and 22 youths with fewer opportunities who will come together at a camping site in Dwejra, Gozo, to implement this project. This project will also involve 2 accompanying persons and another 2 group leaders. Many of the UK young people come from a very deprived borough in inner city London called Tower Hamlets and it is well known for having high levels of deprivation, overcrowding and a lack of affordable housing. Our project strives to make an everlasting impact in the local community. This new exciting project will enable us to work in a flexible and creative way to reach out to some of the most disadvantaged young people helping us to improve their skills and recognise there full potential.The applicant organisation, ERRC developed the idea for this project with the collaboration of the partner organisation which also works in the youth sector. By this proposal, ERRC intends to implement a project that involves young people who come together to participate in a number of activities that are both interesting and educational. This project aims to motivate disabled persons and young people with fewer opportunities to take part in activities in order to promote healthy living, active participation in society and social inclusion. The project would also provide an insight to cultural social issues, and the influences of one culture towards life perceptions.The main themes of this exchange are to develop more awareness on the need for social inclusion of persons with some form of disability and those with fewer opportunities and to promote active citizenship and mutual understandings of different cultures. The applicant organisation together with the partner have decided to implement this project at at a camping site because camping in itself is an activity that brings people closer to each other. Camping is also very appealing to young people, and it is considered a very social activity. The participants will also participate in other interesting activities such as scuba diving and zip-lining. The main activities include a mixture of outdoor activities, workshops and discussions, and culinary nights, presentations and tutorials which are all intended to promote the main themes of this project. Our project will also involve a number of informative sessions such as talks, workshops and discussions. Through these talks and discussions the youths will learn how to listen to each other and voice their opinions. These discussions will also serve as an exchange of best practices and experiences.This project will seek to help young people to understand better the concept of solidarity because they will have to work together and assist each other in order to obtain the desired result. During this project the young people will also be involved in a voluntary experience where they will offer assistance to another organisation. The notion of team work is very strong in our project. The main expected learning outcomes form this exchange will include the following:- A better understanding that the disabled persons and persons with fewer opportunities can interact with the society and not left marginalized;- The development of interpersonal skills ( increase a sense of initiative, self-empowerment and self esteem);- The exposure and experience of outdoor activities, which in the long term, will encourage more physical activity amongst the youths;- A better understanding of each country's culture;- Becoming more familiar with dissemination methods and the promotion of events;- To improve communication skills and be more confident in oneself when expressing an opinion;- To reach compromises and be more tolerant within a team;- To participate in a team building environment;- To enhance inter-cultural awareness; - To increase an additional motivation for taking part in future ( through formal/ non formal) educational or training opportunitiesThe theme and objectives of the project are to develop the young people’s understanding and knowledge of the importance of having a positive mind set alongside determination and perseverance to keep moving forward to achieving. We aim to promote culture fusion and learn about different cultures within the group and this not only helps individuals to be more tolerant they learn to respect each other and become more knowledgeable of the world around them. Food and sharing of nutritional information and recipes is one of the key tools by which we will highlight and work on this priority.
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