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Move it, Europe! Strengthening the capacities
Start date: Aug 1, 2012,

Based on the TC “Your chance – be a part of Europe! Non-formal education for local and regional youth engagement” (2010) and the TC “Take a walk on the European Side: Capacity building in non-formal education for local and regional youth engagement” (2011) the current project "Move it, Europe! Strengthening the capacities of Youth Leaders in non-formal education" is aimed to support the participants in strengthening unemployed young people's mobility and active participation in their local communities as well as stimulating young people’s spirit of initiative, creativity, entrepreneurship and employability. A diversity of non-formal methods will be used to raise knowledge and challenge the debate about the challenges and opportunities of non-formal education, how to apply these methods, how to promote active participation among other young people, to promote the contact making and co-operation between the participants and motivate them to act as multipliers after the TC passing on aspects of the programme contents to other young people. During the programme active learning behaviour and reflection will be reached through working in small working groups and continuous debriefings. After all, the participants are asked to support the implementation of planned follow-up activities, assisted by the project partners. Thus the expected outcomes of the TC are multipliers able to implement projects committed towards a more inclusive growth by tackling the issue of youth unemployment within their local communities. The TC will be realized in Prijedor, the second largest municipality in the Republika Srpska within Bosnia-Herzegovina with 32 participants from neighbouring partner countries and programme countries in the period 17.-25.08.2012.

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