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Motivation Matrix
Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Nov 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Name and Type of activity: Youth Exchange “Motivation Matrix”. Motivation to be active, open-minded, make a change at local community, be innovative and initiative, be creative and work on personal development. These are main issues the project „Motivation Matrix“ addressed. The truth is that in Europe, world in general, there are plenty of opportunities and offers, but youth, which still living in small cities or at countryside are so rare to travel, they seem not interested in languages or self-education aside of the ordinary school. So project was invited the youth with few opportunities, disadvantaged groups for active participation in "building process" of self-motivation and willing to motivate others. The important fact was that project was implemented in Hradec Králové, which is considered as one of the best places for living in Czech Republic. Although here the youth activities miss in most part especially the international dimension or creative techniques to any area of non-formal learning, in this sense Youth Exchange as “Motivation Matrix” could have very positive influence on local youth and promotion of non-formal education and Erasmus+. Description of the project idea: Project idea based on creation such a Matrix by Youth and for Youth during Transnational Youth Exchange at Czech Republic.The importance of this Matrix is that it was created by Youth to motivate Youth for active participation, success, better future, education etc. Matrix is as a result of small research (on local and international level), intercultural dialog, non-formal approach and group mind and have a flexible form which could be used at home countries of participants and by all interested. The project had 3 phases: 1) APV (Pre-meeting): 1-4 May 2015. This event gathered leaders/representatives from partner organizations in order to share the ideas and make the final version of the programme for main event. Leaders had a chance to discuss the profile of chosen participants from each country, share the expectations from each organization and national groups. The main issue focus was on preparation of national groups before event, risk-management and sharing the responsibilities in the programme itself. 2) Youth Exchange was successfully realised on 29 June - 7 July 2015. The group of participants included 35 participants, age 18-25 (at most) from 7 countries. 3) As next logical step was to keep working on future steps. Here we had allocated 2 possibilities. First of all – the follow-up activities at home local community with using the created tools. Second – the continuation work in group of interests, using digital tools, communication and shaping the ideas further and then sharing in Social Networks, within their organizations or local community. During event the participants had a chance to self-reflect and reflect the main issues youth face at their home countries and think about possible “motivational” solutions (tools) for improvement. Then group was separated according to interests and preferable issues in order to study and create some ideas for motivation. As expected participants of event have been creating their own unique products (visual, media, public events, workshops) using the main focus to raise level of motivation according to the needs of their local community. The most interesting results are: variety of digital posters and videos with name DON'T POST IT, DO IT! The channel for sharing was created in facebook as well as at Ingstagram; another good example is educational video which demonstartes how to use the non-formal educational tool in practice; next is called "Story of success" and include the real life stories about famous people which had challenging and inspirational life and could good example for young generation. The important fact is also that all roles and all the creative work and filming was made and played by participants of the youth exchange. As a part of follow-up activity the Facebook Group was created, where all participants share their creations, support each other, and discuss the adaptation process of Motivation Matrix at their home countries. In long-term strategy - Motivation Matrix will work as a free-tool for young people, initiative groups, NGO, for creation a media/art/educational/cultural products to motivate youth.
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