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Motivation in school - Self confidence in English
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Oct 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We have found that teachers and students have difficulties and certain fear to communicate with others in English. As the teaching of other school subjects have developed in our school, we have found that the English subject has not been given the same conditions, something that is also reflected in the knowledge results in our school. Our analysis is that if a teacher and eventually a pupil is to assimilate the language it must be actively used, motivating and not confined to a classroom situation. We need to find forums and methods that help us strengthen our language teaching.We need to increase the quality of the teaching of English in our school. In a long term, students must be given the opportunity to leave school with the necessary knowledge and skills to communicate effectively in English, with other people, in other countries, in their professional careers as adults. To reach this point, we as English teachers need to monitor the progress of our pupils and modernize our teaching. Therefore, we as teachers need to develop our own competence in the English language in real situations in order to feel secure, but also to get new inputs by experienced English speaking teachers in terms of methodology and pedagogy.Four teachers from us will be able to benefit from Erasmus+ funds to participate in specifically selected English courses for teachers of English as a foreign language, in the UK. The criteria for this are to be qualified English teacher and staff employed by the school. All have expressed the wish to have the opportunity to develop / enhance their own skills and self confidence in the field and to get inspired to develop their teaching of English by English speaking teachers who are experienced in teaching children with English as a foreign language. Our needs and goal is to develop English teaching so that the quality increases, that all students will benefit, that it motivates, that goal attainment is raised and also that we know that our school is located in the forefront of English teaching. Two teachers will participate in the Teachers Learning Networks conference in Tallinn to get the opportunity to reflect on new ways of teaching, own business and own school development. We need to through mobility, European training and collaboration with colleagues in other countries broaden and develop the professional and personal perspectives, and learning.The expected effects of participating teachers:* New inspiration and enthusiasm for teaching in the subject* Improving teachers' English language skills. Increased confidence in the use of language and in class but also in international constellations, (ex. Own project meetings Erasmus Partnerships) where discussions are much more valuable and rewarding if the conversations feels more fluid.More specifically: to get many strategies, pedagogical ideas, greater expertise and more materials to motivate students, and greater understanding of ICT and how to use technology for teaching English. Each teacher will be encouraged to continue on the international dimension through their experiences and participate in social networks to build on and further develop the language skills they acquired during the course.The expected effects of the students:* Increased language skills* Greater involvement* Larger motivation* Increased confidenceInternational efforts should give teachers and school leaders the opportunity to exchange experiences with teachers and school leaders in other countries, which can lead to reflection on their own school organization and teaching. For the school's continued development we see it as necessary to create relationships and build networks that extend beyond the geographical area we are currently working. Through participation in the international conference we will become updated in current research that is important for further school development and teaching.Both courses in the UK as well as participation at the conference "Learning Teachers Network" in Tallinn will help to expand our network, get a greater international transparency and also basis for discussions at the school that will benefit our school improvement.An intensive training in an English speaking country will not only enhance the ability of teachers to teach, it will also boost their confidence and ability to speak the language. This will motivate our students in the classroom and enhance the quality of teaching. When the teachers become better at teaching English and the students get to speak English in a relevant context, we think that the results in the English language may increase.

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