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Motivating Pupils in the English Language Classroom
Start date: 10 Jul 2016, End date: 09 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The title - Motivating Pupils in the English Language Classroom - summarises the objectives of the project in a few words: the basis of good education is always the pupils' motivation. The key to increase motivation is the teacher, who besides loving and respecting their subject, should strive to learn continually, renew in his/her profession so as to stay enthusiastic and up-to-date. Only this kind of professional teacher can be motivating and authentic for students.The areas where our institution has to ensure the academic development are the following: the teaching of English as a foreign language, the bilingual program, the program for advanced English learners, the courses for pupils with special needs and the use of ICT tools in the English language teaching process. Expanding our international connections is also considered significant as we would like to offer valuable programs to our students. The aim is to encourage more and more teachers to participate in international projects. The four future participant teachers are dedicated, open-minded, acknowledged members of the school staff, who will set a good example to their colleagues with their enthusiasm. The first round will be held in Cardiff in July 2016 and focuses on the use of ICT tools in the English language classroom. The second round is held in Southampton also in July 2016 and has its focus on creative activities and motivating materials for the English language classroom. The third round will be held in Portsmouth in March 2017 and focuses on English for pupils with special needs. The last and fourth round will be held in Cheltenham in July 2017 and has its focus on CLIL-teaching (Science: Biology). All of the participants will also be able to create/buy material for those students who take our advanced language classes. The courses are held by experienced language schools which were recommended by the organization "International Study Programme" with a 30-year-experience in teacher's courses and a close cooperation with EU-programs such as Comenius, Grundtvig and Erasmus+.With the participation of four teachers in this project, our whole institution will benefit a lot as our students will get more modern education with the help of creative methodology, while our colleagues can gain experience and new teaching ideas indirectly, not to mention the enthusiasm and inspiration for their further work. The enthusiasm of the teachers and the renewal in their profession will bring immediate results in the teaching process of the school, which will probably last for long. The whole teaching staff will benefit from the project as we can refresh the common work by new methods and ideas. Obviously, it will be the students who will first notice that positive change. The development is to serve their needs and motivation. In the long term, we hope to achieve positive results in the enrolment of new students at our school, making it more attractive to parents and pupils-to-be alike. We can benefit a lot from this project by extending our international connections through participating teachers.
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