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Motivating adult learners and teachers

The project, based on the experience acquired during a previous Grundtvig project, willproduce a training/educational course that will enable teachers and educators atEuropean level to use the same training methodology. This methodology is found in theCPD course. A transnational association was set up in order to spread the developmentof such a course and the results of the project. To be a member of the association, it isnecessary to subscribe to it and to adopt the methodology of the CPD course. Theadvantages for the members can be multiple: to adopt a teaching methodologyrecognized in different European countries, to have the possibility to work in foreigncountries and to exchange the competences at a European level.The first step of the project will be the development of a study that, keeping in mind theresults of the previous project, will offer a range of information and results related to thenational rules that partners will have to follow to develop courses for adults. A teachingbank will collect good practices and methodologies applied all over Europe. The resultsof the study and the teaching bank, correlated with the typologies of disadvantagedstudents, will be included in an educational toolkit. The dissemination of the project willbe done through the website and the newsletter and through the organization of a finalconference. Project sustainability will be enabled by the creation and the development ofthe transnational association that will be maintained after the end of the project. Toimprove the diffusion of such methodology and to increase the results of the project theCPD course will be disseminated through the Grundtvig programme mobility forindividuals.
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