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Motivación en la clase y prevención del abandono escolar
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project has been made in the C.P.R. (Public Rural School) Bellasierra, which is made up of three schools respectly in Aldeire, La Calahorra and Charches, with a total number of 99 pupils of Preschool and Primary Education. They are very close to the province of Granada (no more than 1 hour on the motorway) and they are characterized by cultural, echonomical and social poverty. Our pupils, as well as their families, have not great educational aims, so they don't pay so much attention to the organized educational activities if they are not holidays.So, we all of the 18 teachers have thought about the necessity of promoving some fresh air into the school dynamics that allows pupils and families to pay more attention, dedicate more time and aware that education is a vital proccess for the personal development. It's all about opening their minds and getting ready to work hard with enthusiam, valueing the European cultures and new technologies.It's about integrating them into the school education which is the most important aspect in life and they must fight to chance their lives, with realistic analysis and trying hard to obtein optimistic results in the future. Because they must have a vision through over their school life.The activities are: workshops about Primary Teaching all around the different countries in Europe, the Primary school curriculum in UK, analysis, materials, visit to educational centre, workshops about the integrated education, about how to teach English, assemblies, culture, history and traditions , educational tours and evaluation sessions.The methodology is through out the new technologies, sharing ideas, discussing subjects, always learning about different ways towards the success with the most participation of them, so that the success is applicable to other parts of school and life.We hope the results are valued not only visible but well-known too all around the school community through the social nets, that let us analyse the general impact, appreciate the results and establish new future projects of cooperation.The hopefull impact is that they can integrate more inspiration and enthusiam to teach the educational subjects, new ways of teaching, with different points of view, higher intercultural awareness, better skills of English Language, ideas to show, to improve the pupils' motivation, to learn how to use the new technologies, new opportunities to establish permanent contact with European schools associations as well as improving the pupils' social abilities, their goals and their confidence.They all are also Europe.
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