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motion of Port Communities SMEs role in Energy Efficiency and GREEN Technologies for BERTHing Operations (GREENBERTH)

During the last years, numerous studies have been carried out in order to determine the impact of port activities over the environment. As an example of that, the most recent project leaded by the Port Authority of Valencia concerning ports impact on climate change, CLIMEPORT, has allowed a better understanding of the degree of influence of key port activities in terms of quantification of GHG emissions. Another remarkable example, APICE MED project, has studied the impact of ports over the cities. However, one of the main needs identified by these types of actions is the lack of participation of SMEs within the strategic plans of ports and big port-logistic operators. GREENBERTH aims to encourage these port operators to integrate SMEs in their strategic business development. The project aims to study in detail the improvement opportunities of energy efficiency and the use of technologies based on environmental-friendly energies to be implemented through the exchange of best practices and experiences of six reference Mediterranean ports. Port Authorities have a great influence over the companies which integrate the so called Port Communities and these entities need to continuously improve their processes and technologies to adapt their business models to the realities of the internal and external market. For this reason, GREENBERTH proposes the participation of several agents in order to define strategic plans among port-logistic operators and energy efficiency SMEs. The main lines of this action are following described: 1. Port Authorities as main port managers will coordinate the development towards the improvement of port energy efficiency and the possibility of implementing clean energies, thus evaluating the available technical solutions and the needs of the Port Communities (Components C3 and C4). 2. Port Authorities will promote the development of the SMEs as expert in Energy Port Aspects which will provide solutions to the big port-logistic operators companies, assessing them about the technical and financial feasibility of those solutions. 3. Port Authorities will channel the common participation of SMEs and big port-logistic operators, transferring knowledge and capacities on the management, control and maintenance of the proposed energy efficiency solutions. The aim of this is to generate market niches for the SMEs at Port Communities. 4. Port Authorities and the technological partners will provide support in technical issues and will facilitate the integration of the SMEs within the development plans of big port-logistic operators. SMEs will have direct contact with port-logistic operators during the project through different communication actions (workshops, peer-to-peer meetings, round the table, forums, etc.). These actions will comprise a methodology for the harmonization of the energy needs of big port-logistic operators and the participation of SMEs in their strategies. Achievements: GREENBERTH FINAL CONFERENCEThe Port Authority of Valencia hosted the Final Conference of the Greenberth Project on the 10th June. The project will finish on the 30th June and this Conference was the opportunity to share with the targeted groups the results of same and the potential financing opportunities available both at a National and an European level for SME’s in terms of energy efficiency initiatives.During the Conference, the main results of the project were shown and the pilot actions were detailed by the participant partners. These pilot actions were focused on the implementation of energy savings policies and alternate and renewable energy sources, all of them adapted to the port environment and ready for the enrolment of the SME’s.• Conversion GNL Plantilla Greenberth • Fondos Europeos Para PYMES • GREENBERTH Final Conference• GREENBERTH LPA Final Conference Wolter• Greenberth Project Pilot Action – Port Of Koper 10.6.2015 Valencia• GREENBERTH RC Final Conference• Oprtunidades CC Para PYMEs EN Greenberth • Pilot Venice • Presen CAM VLC Greenberth• PV System • Valencia GreenBerth • Workshop GreenBerth LNG PILOT 20150610th Find more:
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