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moting nature education and outdoor teaching through cross-border cooperation (Nature learning)

In Estonia and Latvia there is a similar situation in nature education field. This means that there is a lack of cooperation between schools, nature education centres, local municipalities and state institutions (nature reserves) in the field of nature education. There is also lack of well equipped nature centres to carry out outdoor classes and nature monitoring courses for advanced nature education.The vision of this project is to improve the role and contribution as well as cooperation of nature centres, institutions and nature reserves and raise environmental awareness as a part of the society`s strengthening of sustainable development through education and public participation in relation to protection environmental, natural, cultural and social values and health of the public. The project is directed towards strengthening of institutional development and capacity building of nature centres so they can have a better accessibility and closer cooperation with schools and local municipalities. But since Estonian and Latvian nature reserves and education centers have sometimes used different efficient approached for nature learning cross-border cooperation of these institutions will give additonal value for nature education and preserving. To achieve this purpose there is need to equip nature education centres with neccessary amount of nature monitoring equipment, innovative exibitions for educational purposes and up-to-date informative materials about different environmental issues incl outdoor teaching methods. Project will focus on trans-sectoral and trans-national cooperation, innovation of methods, and exchange of experience both during international teacher training and nature monitoring camps and other activites carried out throughout the project. Important part of the project are also promotional events to raise public awareness in environmental field. To introduce our project outcomes and results. To get biggest value for the project and to overall INTERREG programme the use of different media channels are planned (incl newspapers, radio interviews, TV shows and web-portals) as a good tool to inform public and stakeholders about project activities and results.
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  • 2000 - 2006 Estonia - Latvia - Russia (EE-LV-RU)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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