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moting Local Component in Environmental Education in Transboundary Lakes' Regions of Latgalia (Latvia) and Pskov Region (Russia) (Transboundary eco-Education)

BACKGROUND. Eco-education in Latvia and Russia has not been a priority in last decades or so, in spite of its vital importance especially for territories that have a huge nature potential. Among them are the biggest transboundary lakes' territories in NW Russia and Latvia †Chudskoye Lake in Pskov region and the 'Country of Lakes' in Latgalia. Both territories are clearly indicated in the Priority North as eligible and might be also consolidated by their natural (lakes' regions) and problem (environmental education) unity. Latgalia and Pskov region face similar problems in environmental education that might be solved through cross-border cooperation. Difficulties are the most sensible in eco-education because of lack of locally based teaching and learning materials, insufficient cooperation between environmental and education structures, lack of finances, etc. The solution to the problem is seen in strengthening of local component in environmental education in transboundary lakes' regions through cross-border cooperation of teachers and educational experts, attracting environmental and local authorities to the project activities and wider promotion of environmental education. OVERALL OBJECTIVE: to promote local component in formal and informal environmental education in 2 biggest transboundary lakes' regions in NW Russia (Pskov region) and Latvia ('Country of Lakes', Latgalia) through production, distribution and usage of locally based environmental materials and methods considerably increasing its impact on education quality. PARTNERSHIP: NGO 'Lake Peipsi Project, Pskov', Pskov Regional Center for Gifted Pupils Development, Latvian Office of the 'Country of Lakes' Euroregion, Daugavpils University. MAIN ACTIVITIES: development of educational materials; equipping of Russian informal schools with sets for water analysis; winter school, seminar and conference to raise capacities of teachers and teachers' trainers; contest 'Pskov and Latgalia: different lakes, common values'; exhibitions; environmental summer camp in Russia. TARGET GROUPS: teachers, educational experts, pupils. OUTPUTS: 1000 methodic brochures; 1000 field definers of fish; 1000 textbooks; water analysis equipment (7 sets); 500 environmental table games; 1 teachers' seminar; 1 winter school for teachers' trainers; 1 conference; 2 national rounds of contest; 2 exhibitions of contest works; 1 environmental camp for schoolchildren; 3 issues of e-Newsletters, 1 eco-trail partly equipped on the RU side. RESULTS: successful project management ensured; LV-RU environmental educational networks developed; local component in environment education increased by agreed visions of RU and LV stakeholders and increased availability of education materials; improved capacity of environmental institutions. IMPACT: increased potential in managing educational cross-border projects; usage of best transferred methods and practices; improved cross-border cooperation in education.
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