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moting Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Public Bodies in ARCHIMED Zone through Open Source & Free Software (OpenIT)
Start date: May 31, 2006, End date: Mar 30, 2008 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project OPEN IT will address the problems of high infrastructure and licensing costs regarding software and the continuous need for hardware upgrades (in order to stay current). Main objectives of the project are: 1. Promotion of ICT in SMEs by providing inexpensive IT solutions 2. Development of policies & exchange of know-how in the fields of IT use in public administration 3. Promotion of telematics to SMEs and the public bodies by raising awareness to new, economical, value added technologies (Broadband, VoIP, Wi-Fi etc) 4. Promotion of Open Source Software in SMEs Although significant steps have been taken, ARCHIMED area still falls behind in the access to information and use of IT. The traditional character of most of the SMEs in the area and the lack of research and technology transfer are identified obstacles. Furthermore a quite important factor, probably never examined in detail focusing on SMEs, is the problem of high costs of software and often the need for continuous hardware upgrades in order to keep PCs current, in short the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of IT systems. The solution is to work towards systems based on open source and free software. Such systems will utilise older equipment, making the best use of it, extend the life of a computer and provide inexpensive solutions for everyone (enterprises, public and government). Local government and public organizations must illustrate the way through the adoption of such systems in their IT infrastructure. The main objectives are: • To promote ICT in SMEs and local government by cutting down the cost of software. • To provide simple and inexpensive tools (Training, troubleshooting, calculating) in order to convince enterprises for the benefits. • To create simple, scenario based, localised and customised solutions based on Open Source/Free S/W. • To promote telematics (broadbanb, VoIP, Wireless) as the basic communication tool in SMEs especially in geographic isolated areas. The main activities of the project include: 1. Extensive survey-study for the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of IT infrastructure in Public Administration and/or selected representative SMEs from various economic activities and organizational sizes in ARCHIMED Zone. 2. Development of simple, web based decision support tools (Calculators) for the assessment of TCO, Business IT needs, IT security risks and so on. 3. Development of IT Solution Framework for SMEs and Public bodies based on localized Open Source/Free Software (e.g. Linux, Open Office, Mozzila). 4. Creation of a Knowledge Management Internet Portal for Open/Free S/W in SMEs and Government. 5. One pilot study in order to test the effectiveness of the proposed solutions and gather long term use and cost results. 6. The project will also involve public awareness actions especially in the first phases and of course dissemination of results, through various channels (meetings, open seminars, conferences etc.). Upon the completion of the project we expect a good number of public bodies to turn to non-commercial, open-source software and of course a large number of SMEs to follow. Furthermore we expect to raise the awareness of enterprises and public for innovative services and technologies like broadband, Voice over IP, Wireless networks. The project team will deliver solid, simple, inexpensive and localised solutions based on specific needs and scenarios (SMEs, Government, SOHO ) in relation with the specific needs of areas and countries of the ARCHIMED Zone. The project moves towards a win-win situation as everybody in the area benefits: small users, enterprises, consumers, governments for obvious reasons. Software houses and IT companies also benefit from a healthy competition and the decrease of Software piracy.
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