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MOSAIC: Making Opportunities to Strengthen Amity and InterCulturality
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

MOSAIC (Making Opportunities to Strengthen Amity and InterCulturality) is an EVS project coordinated by InCo with the participation of 7 volunteers from 6 different countries (Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Georgia, Russia and Tunisia), 6 of them have already been identified and 2 of them are male volunteers and 3 can be considered as young people with fewer opportunities. Volunteers, sending and receiving organizations have been involved in the project design from the stage of volunteers’ identification, highlighting, in particular, the activities they would like to carry out.Volunteers will be involved in the activities of 4 Receiving Organizations, 3 located in Trentino South-Tyrol and 1 in Apulia to foster a more opened world towards people from different cultures and social background while highlighting the advantages of living in a “free-passport zone”. Receiving Organizations are active in different fields:> Civica and ASSB nursing home activities are oriented towards elderlies to support them daily and offer them through recreational activities a friendly atmosphere> Caritas through the youngCaritas wants to raise young people’s interest in social work, encouraging to act according to social responsibility and in solidarity with people in need. More in general Caritas, targets people at risk of social exclusion such has homeless people, refugees, etc.> Villaggio SOS Ostuni (VISO) activities are oriented toward children and teenagers facing different levels of difficulties.However, Receiving Organizations are all interested in promoting interculturality.Volunteers be involved in the activities of the Receiving Organizationss and in particular in the organization of recreational, cultural and educational activities suggesting own ideas. In addition, as part of the parallel activities, under the supervision of the receiving organizations and of InCo, they will be involved in the parallel initiative “Café delle culture", title suggested by volunteers. Volunteers will collect and share stories of travel of the guests of the nursing home when Schengen still did not exist, of the refugees of Caritas and tell their own EVS and travel experience to come to Italy raising awareness about the opportunities of the Schengen zone. They will also organize different intercultural events in the Receiving Organizations open to the local community encouraging people to appreciate the “MOSAIC of cultures” they are living in. The parallel activities involve the 7 volunteers favouring peer-to-peer contact, boosting not only socialization, the learning outcomes but also volunteers' spirit of initiative. All the volunteers will meet in Trentino in Caldonazzo at the Summer SOS Village, an occasion to build bridges between the North and the South of Italy and for volunteers to appreciate the difference of Italian cultures.MOSAIC is designed to have positive impacts on all the actors involved. It represents both a life and a learning opportunity for volunteers who are expected to develop competences and attitudes significant for their personal growth and future job placements and who will be supported in their learning path by all partners who have already agreed on methods and roles. InCo has a seat both in Trentino South-Tyrol and in Apulia so each volunteer will have the opportunity to speak with one referent of InCo. Receiving Organizations could benefit from enriching inputs and new activities and all the other partners can have a greater impact thanks to the synergies they can create with the other organizations of the project at local, regional, national and European level. The users of the Receiving Organizations will have the chance to weave interrelations with persons from other cultures and to tell their stories of life. The local community will have the opportunity to know better EVS volunteers, receiving organizations and their beneficiaries, who live close to them but nevertheless might be unknown to them thanks to the organization of intercultural events.
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