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MoRobE - Modern Shared Robotic Environment

With project MoRobE we focused on the Mechatronics and Computer Science sectors by the fact that companies in Europe are faced with enterprises from third party countries. The main concept the former Interstudy consortium developed together was a modular platform for programming robots over the Internet. This approach offers the possibility to use the system from every PC connected to the Internet and to perform practical studies from home. We have also implemented an option to share the platform between different schools and facilities, for the aspect of cost reduction. Therefore the chance for adoption in the vocational education is highly increased.The aspect of home practicing also higher the chance for adoption by working technician in the area of livelong and continues learning, since they can organise their workload by themselves. In addition we transfered the so called "Home Lab", a modular microcontroller KIT which gives the possibility to students to have laboratory equipments at home. We solved the issues mentioned at the beginning with a transfer of the robotic platform from tertiary education to the vocational one, aswell as an import of the products from Estonia to Germany.The main outcome is a shared ICT based educational environment for vocational schools with support of a special curriculum and practical study aids.
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