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More with Less. Sustainable entrepreneurship for next generation
Start date: May 18, 2016, End date: Nov 17, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"More with Less" is a Youth Exchange project that has been developed thanks to the cooperation among project's partners that, starting from the meeting of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations in Thessaloniki in 2014, identified the "sustainable entrepreneurship" issue as crucial in the development of voluntary associations. The internal comparison with the members of each association, which were afterwards put into dialogue by the coordinator, showed how the participants would have liked to work on the topic; such methods are those through which the project was built on.The exchange is coordinated by Legambiente Lecco Onlus and will involve 24 already identified young people belonging to 4 different countries (Italy, Serbia, Germany and Ukraine), for a period of nine days.The exchange will be organized in Galbiate (LC), at the Parco Monte Barro Hostel. This hostel is managed by Legambiente Lecco within parameters of sustainable entrepreneurship, with the intent of showing concretely to the territory of the Lecco District how real the opportunity to make sustainable economy is, not just from an environmental perspective, but also from an economical point of view.This place will thus simultaneously be the venue of the exchange and a laboratory through which work on the topic.The project tries to achieve several objectives. On the one hand there are general objectives of a Youth Exchange project: development of adaptability to multicultural environments, growth in English language proficiency, habit of working in teams, more active participation in future in social life, greater awareness of the opportunities offered by European programmes. On the other hand there are personal skills that can be achieved, such as the development of a stronger initiative, a higher self-esteem and a more developed sense of entrepreneurship. The latter are connected to other specific Learning Outcomes that can be achieved considering the topic addressed:• ability to glimpse the possibility of developing sustainable enterprises among the labor market opportunities;• growth in the economic sustainability awareness of opportunities that are sustainable also from an ecological point of view;• greater understanding of the damage caused by non-sustainable development of entrepreneurship;• ability to evaluate how to implement sustainable measures in one's own enterprise.Besides the previously listed goals there are also objectives related to Legambiente Lecco and the other project partners, namely the ability to implement broader measures of sustainability in their own activities, in order to cover limits and shortcomings that may emerge through the work of the participants involved.The activities will be divide in nine days and their main aim is to stimulate a critic discussion by participants, through methods of non-formal learning. These activities include: ice-breaking moments, presentation of the Erasmus+ programme and of the project, workshops on sustainable entrepreneurship and presentation made by the participants of the best practices in the partner countries, walks in the Monte Barro Park, visits to sites symbol of the non-sustainable entrepreneurship in Italy, workshops on the employment situation in Europe, watching of documentaries on sustainability, team-working on the development of a sustainable business plan, round table on the social role of the enterprise, treasure hunt of sustainable and non-sustainable measures implemented in the Parco Monte Barro Hostel. Also during the evening, while relaxing, there will be chances to think about issues such as multiculturalism and sustainability.Legambiente Lecco believes that the project will impact not only on the involved participants and associations, but also on the same territory in which it is implemented. Legambiente Lecco Onlus has plenty of relationships with public bodies, companies, other associations, schools, private citizens and it believes that the communication of the project's implementation and its results are real possibilities, easily feasible because these relations with different bodies are already put in place on a daily basis. Representatives of Legambiente would simply need to use these channels to obtain the maximum impact of the project on the territory, disseminating also - as project output - the best one of the sustainable business plans made by the working groups.The consequences will also be international, when one considers that all the associations involved are part of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations; in this context, that includes many of the largest volunteer organizations in Europe, it will be easy to report the results of the project, also because working on this issue is a necessity emerged precisely within the Alliance network itself; "More with Less" is therefore a pilot project through which fostering reflection and growth on this topic.
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