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More than an image
Start date: Mar 1, 2011,

More than an image" is 3.1 Youth Exchange under Youth in Action Programme taking place in Bitola, Macedonia lasting eight days from 21 to 28 May 2011. It involves six partner countries of which three EU (Poland, Czech, Spain) and three SEE countries (Macedonia, Serbia and Albania). Each partner is represented by four young people and a group leader, in total thirty participants from which ten of minority groups. The project explores the use of graffiti drawings as media in the community and particularly reflects on the influence of discriminating messages towards certain minority groups. The main idea is to raise awareness among youth and local people that certain groups use graffiti as media for promoting hate towards minority groups in their communities and to stimulate and encourage young individuals from different cultural backgrounds to become active citizens and act towards dealing the problem of hate graffiti in their own societies. Reflecting the themes, the Programme is interactive and encourage participants to explore and analize the topic on their own. They will be involved in preparing an exhibition of discriminating graffiti explored in the town area for the local community, modeling positive graffiti character, earring out sport activities with Roma young people and at the end to summarize the Exchange work in video. In help of the process of sharing knowledge, opinion and attitude of the topic, the Exchange will use non-formal educational methods like workshops, discussions, role plays, group work, etc.

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