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More Than A Project
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Feb 28, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

MORE THAN A PROJECT is a Study Visit that aims to bring together professionals in the field of Intellectual Disability from Occupational Centers and Organizations that work within the ERASMUS+ YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAM. We intend, through this Study Visit to take the first step towards a future plan for the standardization of the mobility opportunities of people with Intellectual Disabilities within the ERASMUS+ YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAM so that the priorities of inclusion that the Program promotes become a normal process and have a natural impact (in other words an inherent PROGRAM process and not considered a priority / exception).OBJECTIVESThrough this Activity we intend to collect and provide the space, time and resources to professionals who work with people with Intellectual Disabilities to:+ Have a real insight into the work of the Partner Organizations and learn new ways of working;+ Create a bridge between the work of Partner Organizations and the ERASMUS+ YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAM;+ Explore the compatibility between the actions of the ERASMUS+ YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAM with the mobility opportunities for people with Intellectual Disabilities ages between 18 and 30 years old;+ To better understand: a. the activities in the Partner Organizations for Social Inclusion and Integration of their participants/users (ages 18-30) through the ERASMUS+ YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAM; b. the opportunities for participation in actions of the ERASMUS + YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAM; c. the development of projects under the ERASMUS + YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAM as a tool for Social Inclusion and Integration through the participation of young people with Intellectual Disabilities (ages 18-30) in European mobility projects.METHODOLOGYThe partners will actively participate in every activity of the project where they will have the possibility to get to know each other personally and professionally in order to make contacts between European Organizations through a participatory, interactive and inclusive methodology which will consist of presentations, sharing of ideas, dynamics and workshops.In this project they will participate 7 Partner Organizations divided as follows:• Italy: 3 participants• France: 3 participants• Cyprus: 3 participantes• Portugal: 3 participants• Poland: 3 participants• 2 from Spain: 6 participants (incluiding the three trainers)RESULTS The areas of interest among the promoters of this activity are sustainability, trans-nationality and innovation. The work is divided into learning and sharing of good practice and innovative aspects and cooperation. Therefore, we believe that participants will benefit in various ways: a.visit structures of services and support of Leisure time activities, Social and Labor Integration and Inclusion for People with Intellectual Disabilities;b. observe how the methods of Non-Formal Education and the access to mobility opportunities of the ERASMUS + YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAM can complete the Formal Education, Social and Labor Integration and Inclusion of people with Intellectual Disabilities;c. encourage the cooperation among all Partner Institutions in order to jointly create new activities within the framework of ERASMUS + YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAM.IMPACT AND BENEFITThis Project is based on four main themes:(1) Support the collaboration among European Entities for the development of future projects involving young people with Intellectual Disabilities, thus fulfilling the main goals of the European Commission to promote Dialogue, Mutual Tolerance, Intercultural Awareness and Solidarity. Also break prejudices and stereotypes into building a society based on relationships on understanding and mutual respect.In addition to contribute to the development of a civil society , facilitating the integration and active participation of young people with Intellectual Disabilities and thus encouraging the development of youth structures. Towards this direction , the promoters will work and discuss issues related to programs that provide Mobility and Active Participation opportunities for young people with Intellectual Disabilities for in the construction of Europe 2020 ie improving the quality of mobility programs for young people with Intellectual Disability, the challenges of the new Programme 2014-2020, etc..(2) To help the participants be able to prepare, conduct and evaluate projects focused on issues related to interculturality and raising awareness on cultural diversity within the ERASMUS+ PROGRAM.(3) Raise the level of intercultural competencies of the actors involved in Mobility, Training, Education and Sport projects and encourage them to use these skills acquired while interacting with each other in the future. (4) With a long-term perspective, equipping the promoters with tools and strategies to improve intercultural understanding when working together.
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