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MORE - MObile Resources on Education: let´s learn with each other
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Context/background of project: - Our project idea started with our etwinning project MORE. After working together for one year and knowing each other skills and expertise we decided to share and spread our knowledges to each other and among our students. Objectives of your project: - To promote collaboration between teachers and students in Europe - Prevent early school leaving because we believe students will be more motivated to be in school if they take part in these kinds of projects - To learn new tools to improve classes and better prepare students for market labor, by giving them new approaches and skills - Promoting structured inter-regional and cross-border cooperation Number and profile of participants: Each country will have several teachers and students involved. In the project we will have 3 kinds of profiles users: - Learner teachers and tutor teachers - Learner students and tutor students - Primary teachers (that will select topics related with math and natural science for older students to work) - Primary students (testers of the: softwares, robotics game, and electronics devices) There will be at least 4 tutor teachers and 3 tutor students that will teach these new technologies to the other groups. Description of activities Methodology to be used in carrying out the project: - During workshops new skills and technologies will be taught to visitors - Visitors will test what they learnt back home - Teachers and students that were in the mobilities will teacher other students and teachers - Between the mobilities each country need to do the activities proposed and every month will fill the checklist to give feedback to other partners about the activities - During mobilities we will present the results, promote the workshops, monitor the results and evaluate (check if any change is needed) A short description of the results and impact envisaged Our results will be these: - Educational resources for maths and science for primary schools (online and apps) - Educational games (Apps)for kindergartens and primary schools - Programming devices with robotics and microcontrollers (arduino or other kind) related with maths and science - “sensitive” moving robots . Some devices will have sensors to collect data like: temperature and humidity, movements, sounds detector, light intensity, or others, measure some characteristics of the environment. Here some of the Impacts: - Helping to decrease the number of early school leavers - Improving language skills for both teachers and students - Getting learners involved through cooperation between European countries - Collaborating between different levels of education (peer learning) - Using appealing didactic materials - Testing new and innovative educational resources - Innovating teacher practice through the production of new and appealing materials - Teachers and students will improve and share their ICT skills among the project partners - We will promote educational success from primary to higher education, putting schools at the service of student learning by supporting all the steps for the project development Finally the potential longer term benefits: - The knowledge acquired will give the teachers new approaches to teach electronics/informatics which are closer to the labour market. - Students will more involved in learning and they will share their knowledge - It will prevent school dropout - If we manage to create the material (robots and electronic devices) other students will benefit from this project. The project itself is an opportunity to provide a successful collaboration among European teachers and students and promote formal and informal learning.
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