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More English...More language.... More European...
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

More English…. More language…. More EuropeanThe teaching staff have been working on the most appropriate teaching methods to teach English for many years.Thanks to local English families in our school who work with international companies, the pupils get to hear new sounds.This is one reason why it has become necessary for the pupils to become more and more familiar with English on an everyday basis from Maternelle to CM2 within our school.Teaching English has become fully integrated into our job since it is part of the National Education’s programme.However, only the qualified teachers are entitled to teach English. We have had to put in place an exchange of teachers within the school to make up for the lack of qualified staff. In order to carry out our project properly, each teacher has to work really hard on quality of speech, intonation, vocabulary, structural language, and English cultural knowledge.We would like therefore everyone to enrol to the Erasmus mobility project: 8 teachers, including the headmistress and 4 members of staff employed by the school who accompany the children in the classrooms and work on looking after the children after schools hours.With the aim of gaining the right skills in basic English communication, the teachers will work on ways to create immersion, listening, action in each classroom :- morning rituals : greetings, school or canteen register, date, weather - gym and sports for the bigger children in English : giving the children simple instructions to start an activity or explaining game rules to bigger children, relying on gestures or objects.- classroom instructions to obtain an action : close the door, switch on the light please…- structural language to put in place to ask for something, to answer a question…. : could you/can you switch off the light, and answer, yes I could/ yes I can….- mail exchange set up between 3 of our classrooms and 3 classrooms in Wakefield (Yorkshire) : the children exchange letters and ask questions about their life at school, the traditions, celebrations and projects in their respective schools …..- school highlights like an English Day : a special day dedicated to English culture. The children dress especially to look like English schoolchildren. The teachers and the local English parents help for the day through workshops : literature, cooking sessions, singing, DIY….- One English based association : Pop English comes to our school every week to familiarise the younger children to English (nursery rhymes, mimes, games, cooking…)Another association, Clear Up is Arradon and Upton by Chester ‘s twin city’s association. They organise small groups of conversation, English board games and some other cultural highlights for all the bigger children in our school. By using all these different methods, our children will improve their speaking , understanding and writing skills and will be able to validate their « Cambridge English » exam, as well as their A1 level at the end of primary school.The communication in the local newspapers, on our school’s website and on the social media around this project will create a bigger visibility on what is happening in our school Sainte Marie.The project will continue to live and develop in the coming years with the aim of obtaining an institutional acknowledgment through an accreditation.

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