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More active, more healthy
Start date: Jan 5, 2015, End date: Sep 4, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The idea of the project "More active, more healthy" came from a group of young people and youth leaders of our partner organisations from Chojna (Poland), Siret (Romania) and Susice (Czech Republic). The issue of healthy lifestyle, physical activity, copying with stress, healthy diet, illnesses caused by modern civilization, avoiding drugs and alcohol concern equally young Europeans from every place of our continent. Project "More healthy, more active" aims at building European identity and mutual understanding in a group of Romanian, Czech and Polish youth by promoting various forms of recreation, healthy diet and copying with stress among participants of the project and members of their local communities. Our project also aims at: - integrating Czech, Romanian and Polish youth, - acquiring by youth leaders the ability to use non formal methods of education in the area of health education and recreation, - integrating participants of the project with local community, - getting to know the level of physical activity in communities of Siret, Susice and Chojna, - getting to know eating habits in our communities, - promoting physical activity among project participants and members of their local communities, - increasing organisational skills among project participants, - acquiring various methods of copying with stress, - promoting healthy lifestyle without cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. There will be two activities in the project: a training course and a youth exchange. Youth leaders, youth workers and teachers willing to use non formal methods of education will take part in the training course: 4 participants from Siret, 4 from Susice and 7 from Chojna. There will be almost equal number of women and men in the training course. The participants of the course will get to know the non formal methods of working with youth in the area of promoting healthy lifestyle. There will be 30 young people (aged 16-20) in the youth exchange, 10 from each partner group and 6 adult facilitators, the same number of men and women. The participants of the exchange will get to know the level of physical activity of members of their local communities, their eating habits and the methods of modifying them. They will acquire the ability of copying with stress, will have assertiveness training nd will get to know less common forms of recreation such as boulles and yoga. Methods typical for non formal education will be used during the exchange: workshops, integration games, physical activities, interviews, discussions, role plays, presentations and talks. Some of the activities will be organized with participation of representatives of local community. There will be 51 participants of the project: 15 in a training course, 30 young people and 6 adults in the exchange. A newsletter and a multimedia presentation of the project will be prepared. A research on physical activity and eating habits of inhabitants of partner towns will be prepared. Participants of the project will also prepare presentations about habits, language and sport achievements in Poland, Czech Republic and Romania. The organisers of the project presume that the participants of the training course will increase their competences and skills in the area of non formal education of healthy lifestyle and recreation. Czech, Romanian and Polish youth will integrate and become aware of the healthy lifestyle issues. Partner organisations are considering futher coopertion in the form of strategic partnership.
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