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Montessori method for Orienting and Motivating Adults
Start date: Dec 1, 2012,

The approach of what is universally known as the ‘Montessori Method’, experimented for the first time in Villa Montesca, was based on a very revolutionary idea: it's the educative space that has to be adapted to children and not the opposite. The condition of the poor children living in the rural sites or in the urban poor contexts inspired that experience. Most of the educators and pedagogues ignore that this approach was accompanied by a specific set of educative tools addressed to adults, to enhance their chances to improve their daily life. In first instance especially women without any formal education were involved. The basis of the Montessori-Hallgarten approach was anchored to the conviction that individuals (even adults) need to learn during their whole life and that the role of the continuous learning can be strategic to increase their social position.The MOMA project intends to enhance the experiences of adult education based on the Montessori-Hallgarten approach, that was firstly addressed to the personal development of children, and to do that by revising it and "actualising" its pedagogic scheme in order to develop and improve the emotional and social skills in adults at risk of marginalisation in a post-scholar age. MOMA aims to adapt this didactic approach to the social exigencies and dimensions of any group of people with any cultural and living background, and to experiment it taking into consideration the relationship between different social groups of adults and their environment. It wants to provide trainers, teachers and operators with some reference points about how to adapt the Montessori method to the cultural dimension of adults at risk of exclusion in their different ethnic and social contexts.The main objective of the proposal is realizing a comparative experimentation applying the Montessori-Hallgarten method and based on the use of the environment as a repository of educative resources for the inclusion of adults in the labour market

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