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Montessori Eğitim Modelini Avrupa Standartlarında Öğrenilmesi
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

A lot of education methods are developed in the world. You can recognize the Montessori method between these methods because it is based on “mental structure” not on “behavioral structure”. With this method it is seen that without punishing or awarding the kids it is easier to give a comfortable education. If Children take more action in daily life they feel themselves safe, proud and are more willing to learn something. Our aim is to share this method which has a lot of features and is used for more than 100 years all over the world.The main mission in this method is on the educators. Even if all circumstances are excellent but the educator is not responsible it is impossible to get a result. But if we begin to educate with a responsible educator it is possible to get good results even if the lack of opportunities. The main problem in our country is the lack of such responsible educators. Our goal is to improve our education system and to increase the number of high qualified educators.The goal of our project is to develop the life quality, to increase the number people who can take part on the European economy, to give opportunities to children to receive education abroad, to give them experience to take it easy to pass from education life to business life, to support the European collaboration on vocational education and give new opportunities to people to take in business life which are the the main aims of the Erasmus+ vocational education.Our participants are students who take education in the 11th and 12th grade on the field of child development and education .Thousands of schools in Europe use this method and this gives us lots of experiences that the Montessori method can be very useful on the education of our children.We need to improve the foreign language skills to read, listen, write, speak, understand and to have the ability to advertise their vocational knowledge.We have lack of experience on student focused education.First of all our project team will search for the nearest airport to our city and make the best reservation for the tickets from the travel agencies. We will arrange transportation from the airport to our city. After our project is accepted we will finish our pedagogical, linguistically and cultural preparations. The project team will be responsible for budget. After the project is accepted all participants will open a euro bank account and we will send the money to all participants they need. All bills, documents and official papers will be saved during the project. We will prepare a protocol to take the transportation, accommodation, education training and all financial matters under guarantee.The students will intern in the Montessori field and build their own environment and will have the experience to increase their vocational skills due to the international standards. Students will get a European certificate, Europass CV, Europass Language Pass and will have the opportunity to find a good job in their country or abroad. Our students will work in a multicultural environment so they have the opportunity to learn about other cultures. At the end of the project the participants will try to make positive changes in the minds of other people so they may give inspiration to make a better curriculum. With this project our participants will get a professional education and will be high motivated, increase their vocational skills and fill the necessities we need.
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