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Monitoring and enhancement of Historical Urban Quarters to safeguard Europe's culture and natural heritage
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The local, national and European cultural and environmental heritage has a very relevant role to develop the students’ sense of belonging not only to their own countries but to Europe at large. Focusing on the safeguard of this heritage and fostering cooperation of European Upper Secondary Schools will heighten students’ awareness of its value to become conscious European citizens. Shared interests and analyses of local monuments, archeological sites and natural areas will be an opportunity for partners to exchange experiences and develop new learning and teaching methodologies. To achieve this objective, it is fundamental to cooperate with both Institutions of Higher Education ( Universities) ,which will help students to acquire scientific methodologies and Local Institutions, which will make facilities and staff available to students for further investigation. The project will be divided into the following phases: Phase 1 : Students’ selection , aged 15-17, number of participants, 60 for each school; Phase 2: Workshops in cooperation with Institutions of Higher Education ( Universities) with final certification , focusing on the different areas of interest, monitored by 2 tutor/teachers in each area : A. Environment area: specific geology and/or conservation and/or pollution/ecology and landscapes; B. Artifacts area,:specific archeology architecture and urban planning and/or remnants of civilization; C. Citizenship area, specific role of the citizen in the protection and enhancement and/or role of local/national/European institutions, and/or tourism. Phase 3: Internship in mobility (each Upper School will share and compare good practices, applying what was learnt in Phase 1, by touring, monitoring, analysing the monuments and the natural areas following scientific procedures in order to safeguard and valorize them. Collection of findings and creation of material to inform about and promote the local heritage). Phase 4: Dissemination (Creation of a Platform entitled: “ Permanent European Platform of Information/Formation; “Digital handbook for the diffusion of best practices”, Proceedings of Conferences; Intellectual innovative proposals; Leaflets, brochures; Web conference, Seminars)
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