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Monitor the implementation of the Baltic Energy Market Interconnection Plan (BEMIP)
Start date: Dec 31, 2008,

Monitor the implementation of the Baltic Energy Market Interconnection Plan (BEMIP) correspondingly with the actions of the High-Level Group of the BEMIP. In particular, give priority to ‘connecting the Baltic States to the energy networks of the region’. The need to monitor BEMIP progress arises not only from the Baltic Energy Market Interconnection Plan by its own, but also from the framework of the EUSBSR. The monitoring function is a matter for the High-Level Group of the BEMIP, which has agreed also to act as EUSBSR HLG. The aim of this project is therefore improved coordination between the strategic goals of the EUSBSR and the BEMIP. EU Member States concerned (Lithuania) has organised conferences on the regional level (November 25 2009 and September 14 2012 in Vilnius) to promote and assess the BEMIP implementation. The Commission and the Member States concerned have developed the BEMIP which identifies key missing infrastructures in electricity and gas, lists necessary actions (including financing), and provides coordination mechanisms to bring together Member States, market players and different financing sources. Innovative interconnector solutions involving ‘plugging in’ offshore renewable energy production installations, are being considered. Projects listed under the TEN-E guidelines could be co-financed by the TEN-E instruments. In addition, the European Economic Recovery Plan provides for substantial additional financial support to infrastructure projects in the region. Achievements: In June 2009 the HLG delivered the Baltic Energy Market Interconnection Plan (BEMIP Action Plan), which constitutes a comprehensive action plan on energy interconnections and market improvement in the Baltic Sea Region and which provides a set of concrete measures to be taken to achieve the objectives defined in the BEMIP Action Plan. The BEMIP Action Plan was endorsed by eight participating EU Member State Heads of State and the President Barroso on 17 June 2009 (Memorandum of Understanding on the Baltic Energy Market Interconnection Plan). So far, two amendments to the BEMIP Action Plan have been adopted by the participating countries. In March 2011 the West Baltic Task Force Action Plan was incorporated into the BEMIP Action Plan and in March 2013 the Roadmap for the Implementation of Natural Gas Projects in the Eastern Baltic Sea area was included. The Commission has been requested to monitor progress of implementing the BEMIP Action Plan and to present a progress report to the HLG once every implementing year. The progress report is to be based on verifiable information provided by the implementing parties and other relevant stakeholders. The progress report may also be presented to the Energy Council after discussions with the HLG. More information is available under

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