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Mondriaan meets Finland
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“Mondrian meets Finland” is the mobility project of ROC Mondriaan for the school of Adult Education. ROC Mondriaan has experience with Erasmus+ mobility projects and in previous years with the Leonardo da Vinci program. This experience was situated in the area of vocational education. With this project Adult Education connects on internationalization. Internationalization is a priority of ROC Mondriaan!ROC Mondriaan (1.950 employees) is the VET Institution in the The Hague region which offers vocational and adult education to approximately 21.000 students. It promotes employment and/or social participation of its students. Mondrian has written its internationalization program in the policy document "Mondrian local as well as global". The policy consists of three main parts: 1. The Hague International City, 2. International orientation of schools, including the overseas internships and 3. Exchange programs. The strategic ambitions 2016 - 2019 of our institute include explicitly an international orientation as well; the themes "Improvement of education quality" and "Promoting/encouraging innovation and global citizenship" have both an international perspective.In this project, Mondriaan wants to stimulate individual experience abroad and embed international activities in the organization. Our overall objectives are:- to develop international competencies- to broaden horizons and prospects- personal development- to improve foreign languages- to gain inspiration, motivation and knowledge by staffThe projectWith this project our Taal + school wants to gain knowledge in Finland, a leading country in the EU in the field of literacy (as well as the Netherlands), but Finland scores slightly higher than the Netherlands. In addition, Finland has a similar issue concerning migrants, the subject on which we focus in this project.Our goals are:- to get inspiration and to get fresh impetus to approach new issues;- to gain new insights into approaches and possible solutions to social problems in the area of minority groups and low-literacy;- to bring knowledge to regional networks;- to process new insights and ideas in innovative projects to achieve greater impactThere are different issues of migrants who arrive in a new country depending on their place of origin. For example, there are differences in refugees from North Africa, who are often lower educated and have more behavioral problems than refugees from Syria who have higher education and are more modern / Western orientated. And for EU migrants apply other problems. In addition to these new issues arising from the migrant and refugees background, there is also a changing mindset in how to approach this group to give them a good start in our country. Nowadays Adult Education struggles with the question of "what to do at which time?" Formerly the standard was to learn the language first to find a job afterwards. Now we think that finding a job first and learn the language later, could be a better solution. Past experiences teach us that there is no ready-made answer.In today's focus on the society participation in the Netherlands, the individual is encouraged to take responsibility and control over his or her own live. Anticipating this focus, we now give in our Taal + school trainings with the starting point: What do you need to get to work?We would like to exchange experiences with our Finnish colleagues, to see how they tackle these complex problems and to learn what methods they use.A team consisting of eight members, including the education manager, project leaders and teachers will visit two schools for adult education in Helsinki. The program will consist Educational tours, presentations, exchange of problems and experiences and discussions about the approach around (illiterate) minorities (including refugees) in the context of joining the society and labor market. After the first exchange when Finland visited us, we expect to gain a greater depth in our relationship. The team will gain new ideas and enthusiasm with their own tasks, share findings within the school and outside networks and will therefore be more focused on their effect on society.
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